i went to the cafe around 9:30am after having a weird dream where eliza and i were hanging out in a japanese mall and she got caught for shoplifting.

i didn't realize how much more preparation work we had to do before we could actually begin painting. my sister arrived at 10:30 and began to scold us for putting things on the tables, which haven't dried yet (she's repainting them, which i think is a terrible waste of time, because she's doing triple coats, including surface and wooden trims, not to mention a 4th polyurethane coat - i don't think she understands how to manage her time). my sister's godmother came to help around 11am. she did a lot of blue taping, which saved me from having to do that, but she could only do the lower stuff because she didn't want to climb the ladder so later i had to tape around the windows.

at noontime we stopped for a food break, my father going to the nearby burger king to pick up some whoppers. only after we ate did we finally begin painting around 1pm. i started with the edges before my father joined in as well. feeling left out, my mother did a little bit of edge work too. casey and her husband showed up briefly around 3:30pm to deliver some pig ears and duck necks. she told my parents they opened up a new noodles restaurant in quincy. while my parents were chatting, i continued with the painting. after our guests left, we finally got to rolling a bit before 4pm. we finished putting the first coat on the wall at 5:30pm. we decided not to do anymore painting but instead begin moving some appliances back into the cafe, as rain was expected later tonight and all of tomorrow (from tropical storm hermine).

while my mother was working inside, my father, my 2nd aunt, and myself were moving the tall beverage refrigerator. he got it on a hand truck, but the way into the cafe was on an awkward slope and the refrigerator ended up toppling on top of while i was bracing it from the gravity side. i tried it keep it from crashing onto the floor but it was just too heavy and i ended up pushing myself out of the way. miraculously, the refrigerator wasn't damaged other than a few superficial scratches. the important thing was the glass door didn't shatter. my mother came out to give us another pair of hands as we managed to push the fridge back onto the hand truck and finally push it to the front of the cafe. my father also later moved the cabinet fridge and an oven.

as far as damages to myself, i had a line welt on my right hand where i tried to brace the falling fridge. the brunt of the weight landed on my left knee, which hurt. i went to the bathroom to inspect the injury. it wasn't too bad, just an area of skin rubbed off like a rug burn. it hurt, but i'd take care of it later when i return home.

we stopped working by 7:30pm, despite still having a lot more to do. instead of going to my parents' house, i decided to go home instead. after a shower and putting a bandaid on my knee injury, i baked a pair of french bread pizza for dinner. as cristina was still in maine, i had the house to myself as i relaxed for the evening, with a big day of painting ahead for tomorrow morning.