i ate the 4 leftover hash browns for lunch, heated in the oven at 400°F for 20 minutes. they were okay, but had absorbed some freezer smells, which i think were from the supermarket and not my own refrigerator. i tried looking for better hash browns but these were the only ones i could find. maybe better hash browns would've improved my english breakfast cup recipe. i'll try again next time.

as there was a small potential for rain today, i didn't bother doing any painting on the front porch. instead, i did some sanding, some patching, and caulked the gap along the left side of the porch when john carpenter replaced the molding. i noticed more areas where he did a poor job, like using the wrong nails, or replacing moldings that don't align properly. i was looking for my painting jeans but couldn't find them; i ended up wearing a pair of size 30 black jeans, which i couldn't fit into during the winter but now fits me just fine. summer time weight loss!

i took a very quick trip to the garden via bicycle to water my plants but continuing to market basket to get a few grocery items. i was surprised they were still using plastic bags, as i thought somerville banned them starting this week. later i learned that the ban won't be in effect until september, so today was the very last day for plastic market basket bags.

i took the motorcycle to belmont. i watered the garden while my mother was busy picking off red cherry tomatoes and cutting some thai basil for the eggplant we'd have for dinner.

back in cambridge, cristina came home while i was taking a shower and left for the supermarket. i was a little confused when i got out of the bathroom and saw nobody was home, but then noticed the bike was parked outside. she made spanish omelette for dinner. other roommates in the past have made spanish omelettes (pau, david). one omelette just used potatoes and eggs, while a second omelette was half zucchini. the leftover omelettes she'd share with hospital coworkers tomorrow. i sampled a slice from both. they were okay, but since cristina doesn't eat onions (hates onions) and didn't add it to her recipe, it was a little bland, and could use something to spice it up a bit.

i finally watched the first episode of season 2 of outlander. most of the episode takes place in present day 1948, but towards the end it suddenly flashed to the 1740's. we are to understand that claire eventually makes it back to her own time. how the story will evolve from that point on remains a mystery.