cristina left the house early this morning to go visit the boston harbor islands with her friends. she said she was getting into the city by subway but still took the bike to get to the nearest station. i'd plans to ride the fuji today, but cristina has essentially claimed the bike as her own ever since she decided to ride to longwoods instead of taking public transportation.

around noontime i rode the motorcycle to my parents' place, where my mother made some rice porridge for lunch. my mother felt a little sick and went to her room to sleep with the air condition on. i watched the gift (2000) on preview TMC.

the evening news had a quick story about a cyclist being struck by a commuter train in somerville. turns out it was the park street train crossing, which i go by often if i need to get to somerville avenue. they said the gates were down by the man rode around the gate anyway, despite waiting pedestrians suddenly yelling at him to stop. what gave him the idea that this was an okay thing to do? i wonder if a ghost bike memorial will be set up there now, despite it seemingly like the cyclist crossed on purpose.

returning home, i took a short walk around the block, looking for sidewalk treasures, as this was the end of the month and a lot of people were moving and throwing stuff out. plastic milk crates i saw earlier were already gone, but i did manage to pick up a copy of DK eyewitness travel guide to the dominican republic, as well as a 1967 copy of a pulp fiction novel called obey the rules by shawna denelle.

i got myself ready for the series finale of the night of on HBO at 9pm. cristina came back around 8:30pm. spoilers i liked the way the verdict was decided. i kept thinking it'd be guilty or not guilty, but forgot there was a third choice, a hung jury, which was what ended up happening. i'm glad i finished the series, but it's not a show i'd watch again, just because of how nerve-racking it was.