i'm not sure why but i feel absolutely drained today. maybe a combination of waking up too early, not being able to sleep because of my sinus congestion, eating very little, and finally the humidity. it feels like the flu but other than fatigue i'm not showing any other symptoms. it's the sort of fatigue where i can't ball up my fists and the bottom of my feet hurt when i walk on them. hopefully a good night's sleep will get me back on track.

my sinus condition is causing me to have dry mouth. i've heard of dry mouth before, but snicker every time i heard it. dry mouth is a thing? but apparently i have it. although i can breathe through my nose, there's enough congestion that while i'm sleeping my body will automatically switch to mouth breathing. yeah, i'm a mouth breather! and when that happens, it leaves my throat and mouth super dry when i wake up in the morning. mouth breathing also causes me to snore something fierce due to the obstruction in my sinus, and i find myself making strange whistling and wheezing noises, loud enough that it wakes me up several times throughout the night. all this i'm hoping to talk to my doctor about come wednesday. the congestion is also making me cough again.

cristina was going down to the cape cod for the day. i knew she came home last night because i saw her bedroom door was closed when i got up to use the bathroom around 5am. she was supposed to be in quincy to rendezvous with her friends at 9am, so i was listening to see if she'd wake up. by 8:20am i finally got out of bed to see she was already gone! she must've left very early (i was up by 7am because sunmeng was texting me).

i didn't have the energy to walk down to the community garden to water the plants nor water my own backyard garden. with a strong storm arriving early in the morning tomorrow night that will hopefully dump at least half an inch of rain, i figured a day without watering wouldn't be too bad.

i left for belmont. instead of taking the motorcycle (i'd already covered it up), i took my bicycle instead. the bike ride wouldn't be so strenuous if it weren't for those darn hills along the way. even when i took it easy, i still arrived pretty sweaty.

today was the last day of the rio olympics. as far as sports events, there was just a few, the last one beginning a finals basketball game between the US and serbia. everything was gearing up for this evening's closing ceremony. there was free showtime this weekend so my mother was watching mostly that instead. i feel asleep on the couch and later moved to my parents' bedroom. i watched some how it's made before falling asleep. earlier i was outside watering the garden.

back at home, i watched a little bit of the olympics closing ceremony. a lot of empty seats, some athletes already went home (like the swimmers), and it was raining throughout. still everyone seemed to be having a good time. at 9pm i began chromecasting the latest episode of the night of via HBO go.

feeling unusually tired, i went to bed around 10pm.