cristina did not get murdered or abducted as i'd feared. it took her a while to respond to my late night text, but she said she was at a party, so i knew she was at least okay. she finally returned home around 2am. i was still awake in bed, playing around with the prisma app.

i ran into bruce twice today. the first time was when i saw him from my window and i went out to intercept him. he told me about his cataract, which is related to his double detached retina surgery he had last fall. we went to go check out the newly paved beacon street when it began rainy heavy drops and returned home before we got soaked.

the second time i met bruce was when i came back from market basket. i told him about the fancy retina lenses they have nowadays, but unfortunately most are not covered by insurance, so it's an out-of-pocket expense of a few thousand dollars. but who wouldn't want bionic eyes? an intraocular lens not only allows you to see again, but many times with restored 20/20 vision. we parted ways once it began to rain again. a girl with an umbrella walked by me as i locked up my bike. i smiled but that's when i noticed she was sobbing for some reason.

as for my market basket trip, the sky looked very threatening the whole time i was there, and i wanted to get back home before the next rain burst. in the parking lot i came across a new pokemon, a magnemite. it's been a while since i've seen something new (part of the reason is i haven't been actively hunting).

cristina came home in the early evening. i hadn't seen her since sunday night (today being tuesday). she told me about her commute and her workplace. she was annoyed that they had a dress code (because she occasionally shadows other doctors in seeing patients) since she only bought casual clothes (jeans) and would need to buy some new clothes at some point. she also filled me in on what happened last night. she'd actually returned home after i got back (she was out getting some wine), but i was taking a shower so she left again afterwards. she went to go meet a guy she knew from her couch surfing network. he lived in the south end and travels a lot (apparently he's a writer of some sort) and invited her to his rooftop home overlooking boston for a barbecue and hot tub experience. unfortunately cristina ended up getting lost as google map took her on a destination 2 hours outside of the city. she finally did make it back to boston, her friend had to come pick her up. the "party" ended up being just him with another guy (highly suspicious) but cristina ended up staying there for a little bit.

we got to talking about spanish siestas which made cristina decide she wanted to go take a short nap. while she was sleeping i began cooking, making my vodka sauce pasta. i had no plans on sharing dinner with her because 1) she doesn't eat onions and 2) she's a vegetarian (and my sauce contains ample amounts of prosciutto). she woke up 30 minutes later and said she'd try some of the sauce with some ready-made raviolis she boiled in a pot.

i scared her with my portion-sizing: i ate enough pasta for 4 people at least. i told her this was american style. we spent the rest of the night watching olympics coverage before she went to bed around 11pm.