the first thing i did this morning was to install the new bathroom ceiling light. this i believe was my very first time installing a ceiling fixture, but it seemed straight-forward enough, and i'd already disassembled the old light, so i basically just needed to do everything in reverse. it did seem like i needed an extra pair of hands: one to hold the fixture itself, and two to connect the cables together and screw in the metal mounting strap. in hindsight i could've done it easier than the way i did it, but not bad for a first time. the mounting strap also had a screw to attach a ground wire, which i found in the junction box. attaching the base to the strap was a little tricky, until i realized the secret is to install the screws first, then sort of pop in the base into position, instead of doing it the other way (trying to the screw in the base from the front). i wore gloves in the beginning, but took them off to get a better grip; that turned out to be a mistake because i got fiberglass needles in my fingers and they hurt a little bit afterwards. attaching the dome also presented a challenge; i thought it'd sit flush, but it actually sits out a little bit. but after about 40 minutes, work was finally complete.

approaching noontime i made myself an italian sub with the ingredients i bought yesterday: 2 meats (prosciutto, salami), provolone, tomato, lettuce, drizzled with some cider vinegar and olive oil. sandwich-wise it was okay, but there was something acrid about one of the ingredients (provolone? salami?).

after lunch i sanded the dried wood filler material on the guest bedroom door. the stuff works exceptionally well, for a totally flat surface. i ended up applying a bit more filler, to the areas by the faceplates.

in the afternoon i walked down to the garden to water my plants. i bumped into dennis, just getting out from teaching a portrait photography lesson at the community art center. i picked a container of thai basil, harvested a few red tomatoes (first of the season), and cut a large bundle of garlic chives.

i took the motorcycle to belmont. i brought my socket set so i could fix my mother's bike, which had a loose handlebar. watering the backyard plants, i saw a hollowed out cucumber on the lawn, courtesy of a rabbit. when my parents returned, i helped my father take off one of the sunroom windows, the one that i accidentally broke last thanksgiving. we dropped off my mother at the arsenal mall (she went back to old navy) while we went to prime glass and mirror to see how much it'd cost to repair the window.

we met larry, who told us this was an old type of [anderson] window and normally he suggests just tossing it on the trash because the amount of labor required to fix it isn't worth it. nevertheless, he could have it ready by saturday at the earliest. when we told him it was a newer-design double pane window, he changed his tune, because those are more worthwhile to repair. he said he'd need to special order a double pane thermal glass. $160 for the glass, $90 for labor, $10 for taxes, for a total of $260. we also have another window which isn't broken but was repaired at one point with just a simple glass pane which wasn't properly insulated. my father said he'd bring that one in tomorrow morning.

we went to home depot to pick up some led light bulbs before meeting my mother, who still wasn't done shopping at old navy. they were having a clearance sale, and i picked up another polo shit for $8. while my mother and i waited for my mother to pay for her purchase, we got drinks at the nearby dunkin' donuts: i got a large blue raspberry coolatta, my father got a small watermelon coolatta.

back at the house, i helped my father take down the second sunroom window that needed repairing. later he put up a plastic tarp on the outside to prevent rain from getting into the house while the windows were getting fixed (originally he wanted to use wooden boards, but that would require destructively nailing or stapling the boards to the house). i tried the led lights and both of them were too bright, especially with a clear housing. we got a bulb that mimicked the vintage look for a traditional wired bulb, but it was simply too bright. better to just get opaque led bulbs.

after dinner i went home. i sanded the guest bedroom door a second time, now with flush face plate areas. i also prepared the fridge for painting by removing all the things i have taped to it with magnets.