despite the rain, i went down to see the puerto rican parade in boston. that turned out to be a mistake, because apparently some participants cancelled due to the wet weather so the procession seemed a little short and lackluster (compared to last year). i was going to bike down there but due to the rain i took the subway from porter square instead. the thought of skipping the parade did cross my mind, but i was already packed by then, and i'd never let a little bit of rain stand in the way of potential good photo opportunities, which turned out there weren't that many.

at least i got to pogo a little bit through boston common as i followed the parade route from copley square to park street, before taking the subway back home. i caught 2 vulpix (first) in boston common. later in the day i hatched a geodude (first) and a diglett (first), and advanced to level 13.

the rain had pretty much stopped by the time i was heading back home. i took a shower before biking down to belmont by 3pm.

there was no need to water the backyard because of the rain earlier, but i still went out to inspect the plants. the eggplants have attracted some tiny flea beetles. i noticed by placing a small dish of water in a yellow bowl, it seems to attract and drown them. the ones that don't fall for the trap, i pick them off the eggplant leaves with a wet finger and dip the beetle in the drowning dish. the trick also works for some other leaf eating beetles.

following her car accident a few years ago, my mother hardly does any driving these days. so she got me to drive her down to the watertown target so she could buy some underwear for my father and a decent sunblock. when my father returned home from the cafe, we ordered persian takeout for dinner.

i bumped into my sister's godmother on my way home in front of st. peter church. after another shower, i settled in to watch the latest episode (4) of the night of streaming off of HBO via chromecast. i'm so tense when i watch it, i find myself not breathing, waiting to see what happens next.

it was still 80's inside my house while it was a cool 70's outside. i finally figured out to properly vent the house, i need to put a window fan in the living room blowing inside, a box fan in the hallway blowing the air into the kitchen, and finally leaving the back door open. it was a noisy affair as fans don't have silent modes, but by evening's end i managed to drop the room temperature to 78°F.

pokevision is no more! i've been checking this online tool daily to see what interesting pokemons have spawned locally. it's very useful, and it means not having to wander blindly looking for pokemons, but apparently the game creators say this amounts to cheating and probably finally issued a cease and desist letter to pokevision. with such tools however, it's nearly impossible to use the app to find pokemons other than blind searching. the app itself has a tracking tool but it's never worked, and the latest update of the app essentially disables the tracking altogether (now it just shows you pokemons nearby, but without any proximity information, so it's not very useful). i feel like because of this limitation i might not play the game as much anymore.