i slept well last night, didn't wake up until almost 11am. with the window open it was actually cool in my bedroom but i slept without the covers, i seem to sleep better when it's colder. temperature today was in the lower 80's, still warm but not hot.

it was the first day where i didn't find any new pokemons, but i did win a fight at a gym, my first victory. it was a training session using my hypno. i was expecting to lose until i saw i was actually winning. i didn't know what i was doing except dodging repeatedly and tapping the screen to attack. also i rejoined the one solitary gym closest to my parents' place because once again team mystic had taken it over but there was an empty slot available. i left my jynx in its place. unlike last time, i remembered to withdraw my 10 pokecoins. about an hour or so later, the gym had already been taken over by a yellow team.

i've been noticing flea beetles on the eggplants. they only seem to attack the eggplants, none of the other vegetables (or maybe i just haven't noticed). i put out a dish of water in a yellow bowl, which seems to attract them to their death.

i finally had one of the flans i made last week. i used too much milk which made them very watery (even after 2 hours in the oven), especially the ones baking on the bottom rack. the one that i had was simply too soapy, you could practically drink it with a straw. there was also an eggy taste that my mother noticed when she ate one (that one had a better consistency); perhaps i added too much salt.

my new bike cables arrived when i got home. i'll find some time next week to replace the rear shifter cable on my trek bike.

as it was a hot day today and i didn't water my garden yesterday despite what little rain we got, i felt obligated to run down to the community garden to do some watering. being that it was kind of late (7:20pm) i wasn't expecting to see anyone but joel was there, his bike blocking the pathway into my plot. before i left, i took a pot of geranium somebody had left in the garden refuse area. i never had a geranium before. i do remember i don't particularly like the smell they give off, but i took one anyway.

later in the evening i took a bath. i keep the temperature of my hot water tank on the low side (to save energy), so the water temperature fluctuates between lukewarm to hot. good news is i managed to fill the tub in 7-8 minutes; bad news is the water was lukewarm at best. i soaked in the tepid water for about 15 minutes before draining half the tub and filling it back up with hot water.