i sauntered to the community garden in the early afternoon, enveloped by the heat which wasn't that unpleasant actually. i believe today marks the 5th day of our heat wave, with forecast saying we won't be out of the 90's until friday. it's not that bad because we still get cool nights, with temperature dropping back down in the 70's. you crack a bedroom window open and it feels pretty nice. besides visiting pokestops and collecting random pokemons, i was also there to collect some delphinium seeds. armed with my leatherman scissors and a ziploc, i managed to collect a bag full before finally watering my plot. the sky looked like it was ripe for rain, and thick clouds even blotted out the sun for a time.

i returned home to work on my bicycle. when i left the house earlier, there was a small package waiting for me on the doorstep. my freewheel tool had arrived. unfortunately i didn't have a combination wrench large enough to accomodate the 1" nut. the only thing that could grip it was a pair of pliers, and i couldn't get a good enough grip to turn the freewheel remover with any significant force. i would have to search for something at my parents' place, but if they didn't have anything besides an adjustable wrench, i was prepared to buy a 1" stanley combination wrench from sears for $16.

i arrived in belmont a little after 3pm via bicycle, nearly passing out from the heat. my mother was surprised i didn't take the motorcycle instead since it was so hot, but i had already covered the motorcycle in anticipation of possible rain showers later in the evening. i wasn't pogoing as hard as yesterday, but i did stop a few times to visit pokestops and collect pokemons. there are stops all along the route i usually take to get to belmont; i'm trying to find most optimal way where i can tap a few stops and still arrive in a timely manner.

i went with my parents to the waltham ocean state job lot. this gave me my opportunity to pogo from a car. it was pretty exhilarating to have pokestops rushing past me at top speed. but if i work fast enough, i can tap it and collect my rewards before i'm out of range. then there are the pokemons. it was like pogo lightning round. as long as i tap the pokemon in time, it doesn't matter if we drive away, it's still locked in until i either capture it or it escapes. i didn't see any new pokemons, but i did catch a bunch of ones i've already had. and since the route to OSJL runs along the charles river, i collected a bunch of water pokemons as a bonus: krabby, goldeen, seel. i encountered a hypno but didn't have time to tap it in time before we drove by it.

i returned home after dinner to watch the first night of the democratic national convention. guest speakers included sneator al franken, sarah silverman, cory booker, michelle obama, elizabeth warren, and finally bernie sanders. on my door was a sticker from UPS, said they were unable to deliver a package (my new shark rocket), and they'd come back tomorrow. my vacuum dreams will have to wait another day.

i thought it was going to be the first day since i've been pogoing where i didn't find a new pokemon. but i managed to evolve a kakuna and got a beedrill, which i didn't have before. the streak continues!