my shower this morning was blissfully normal, as i no longer had to worry about standing in a puddle of waste water in the bathtub. the gurgling of water speedily running down the drain was music to my ears. had i known it'd be this easy, i would've plunged long ago!

i decided to take the trek allant to belmont, despite it having rained overnight and the streets were still a little bit wet. i was hesitant to ride on wet streets not for any safety reasons, but because i didn't want to get my allant wet. but you can't have a bike that you baby so much that you end up never riding it. besides, i was hoping to try out the new wheel lights.

arriving in belmont, i had rice porridge for lunch. at 3pm i watched the euro cup final. is it even called the euro cup, or is that name i coined myself? that shows how little i know. i also thought it was every year, but apparently it's only every 4 years (the champions league is that one that happens every year). i thought the game was between germany and france, but then i realized it was between portugal and france. i ended up rooting for portugal simply because they had the only player i recognized (ronaldo). ironically, ronaldo got injured in the first few minutes of game (knee to knee impact), then got kneed a second time, and finally on his third collapse he left the game. the game was boring with a score of 0-0, then it went into double overtime, when finally portugal managed to score a goal to win the game.

something is happening to the backyard bellflowers this season that i've never seen before: some of the flowers are turning white. they typically grow in the shade, but maybe the shock of suddenly losing the bamboo cover and being exposed to the sun has someone bleached them. it could also be a natural mutation. but i look a closer look at the white flowers, and they seem diseased, with either fungal or bug infestation. i'm not sure what it is.

discovering that the lovely bellflowers in the backyard are actually an invasive weed called creeping bellflowers. not just a tiny bit invasive, but super invasive, with various methods of propagation, from seeds to rhizomes to tubers.