dallas shootings last night

boiling water drain flushing, tiny success

procrastinating prescription pickup. receive mysterious somerville call. automated pharmacy telling me to pick up my order. secretary wrote me 30 day prescription instead of 90 days. fortunately next month i have a routine biannual checkup.

visit dollar tree (cheap selfie stick) and family dollar (bungie cords)

cloudy weather seems to affect my OTA HDTV reception; more pixelated pictures than usual

canned clam chowder for dinner, half of a quarter of a watermelon

cleaning trek utility bike with degreaser and replacing rusty chain. bike chain condition last year. 3 years ago last time did a thorough chain cleaning. chain was last replaced november 2011. old chain slightly elongated, removed 3 links from new chain and added a missing link piece.

installed white led wheel lights onto trek allant bike. slight overkill since tires already have reflective rims. moved bike inside in order to work comfortably. previous wheel light installation last july 2015.

while snacking on some doritos, i suddenly noticed that the filling on my upper left molar was missing, exposing a large hole. did i accidentally eat the filling? not that it'd matter anyway, since a lose filling can't be put back into place. i'll need to get it taken care of next week. that molar was bad to begin with: i already chipped a corner when hitting into a hard duck neck bone in chengdu, and then doctor huang smoothed it off for me. there was a cavity on the other side which he filled, but it was rather large, and i'm afraid that too much of the tooth has already been damaged that i don't have any other choice but to get a crown (which involves a root canal).