today was a hot day. temperature in the 80's with a high humidity. of course hot is all relative. it was so hot when i went to hainan island back in may that my glasses would fog up whenever i left the hotel. that's never happened here before. i heard tomorrow is going to be in the 90's. will it be hot enough that i break down and install my air conditioner for the season? probably not. my rule of thumb is the AC doesn't get installed until we experience our first official heat wave.

i spent late last night watching the juno press conference. i look forward to seeing some awesome jupiter photos within the coming months.

i called my doctor's office this morning to get 3 prescriptions refilled. they used to have an automated line where you can leave a message with your prescription information. not sure why they got rid of it, because the office secretary takes my prescription. at least it was only high blood pressure medication, and nothing embarrassing. i should be able to pick it up in a few days.

i bought some thermal fuses on ebay (5x 184°C thermal cutoff [TCO] fuse, $5.95, free shipping from puerto rico), in an attempt to revive the old broken espresso machine. tried finding some replacement thermostats however but didn't have any luck. will just have to hope that the preexisting thermostats (especially the one on the thermoblock) are okay and won't blow out the fuse again.

rode down to the cafe to help my 2nd aunt fill out some assisted housing forms. one of the requirements was they needed a copy of her 2015 tax forms, which only i have a copy since i helped her do her taxes (actually turbotax helped her, i just inputed the numbers). so i went back home to print them out. my father swung by my place to pick them up after making a visit to market basket. he also dropped off a container of yogurt and a large rotisserie chicken drumstick and thigh. i asked him to confirm the weird rotten sink drainage smell that's taken over my house since yesterday. he told me to open more windows and use a fan to ventilate out the bad air.

after my father left i ate the chicken for an early dinner.

i posted an ad on craig's list for a refrigerated deli display case my parents are trying to sell. you'd never know this, but they typically sell for thousands of dollars brand new. even old ones in beat up conditions can go for a grand or two. my parents asked me to set the price at $800.

for dinner i heated up the last of my hot dogs. while it was cooking in the toaster oven, i made myself a mango lassi. ingredients: 2 mangoes, 5 scoops of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of sugar, a dash of rose extract, iand 5 ice cubes. it was enough to make 2 tall glasses worth of lassi. the flavor was okay, i'll add 3 mangoes next time (i have plenty of mangoes; bought a huge box from haymarket for just $5). i didn't break down the ice well enough so i could taste little bits of frozen water initially until they melted. i think the lassi could even be creamier if i added some milk as well. anyway, nothing wrong with experimenting with icy cold drinks on a hot day.