since i didn't have time to water my plants yesterday, i paid a visit to the community garden this morning. i collected a single columbine flower for my pressed flower project, as well as a few more larkspurs.

the only 2 things i had to do today was do some bamboo clearing work in belmont and prepare the blue cheese burgers for tomorrow's barbecue. i left around noontime after finishing a container of chobani greek yogurt. my sister had already dropped off hailey at the house, while she was at the cafe painting some counters and cabinets.

what a pleasure it was to have cable again, after having so recently cancelled my cable subscription. i watched tv until 2pm (oj: made in america), stealing some time in between commercial breaks to mix the blue cheese burgers (80% lean ground beef, blue cheese, scallions, garlic, worcestershire sauce, ground pepper, vietnamese hot sauce, dijon mustard). later i went out to do an hour of bamboo pruning underneath the hot afternoon sun. every place i cut, i'd spray the exposed bamboo stump with some round up herbicide.

some of the foxgloves seed pods have already opened. foxgloves have one of the tiniest seeds, it's weird to imagine such tall showy plants can grow from these miniscule specks of dust. i remember when i tried growing them, i didn't know what to do the seeds. i ended up sprinkling them over a pan of dirt and forgot about it. i was surprised when they all sprouted, but didn't know how to divide up so many tiny seedlings. i ended up cutting them up into blocks (like pieces of cake) and planting them around my parents' backyard.

i rescued a few long-legged flies from the bird bath. they must've been trying to get a drink in this hot water and somehow fell in. i also rescued a honey bee earlier. these DIY bird baths are death traps for flying insects.

i was ready to leave by 6pm, figured i'd feed hailey her dinner and return to cambridge. but i was surprised when my parents came home from their weekend trip to maine with my aunt and uncle. i saw the photos my mother took with my panasonic camera and some photos my father took with his phone (uploaded to picasa/google photos and viewed on the roku channel). i had some noodles with them before leaving.

riding home, i could feel the sky about to burst forth into a spectacular sunset. so after dropping off my things at the house, i got back on the motorcycle and went up to prospect hill to get a better view. i also brought my action camera and ikea timer, so i could do a time lapse. the time lapse video wasn't anything too exciting, but i did get some very nice sunset photos.

i picked a few pansies planted by my upstairs neighbors from the planter in front of the house, additional specimens for my pressed flower project. apparently pansies are excellent for pressing because they keep their colors unlike some other flowers.