today on this hot day i made a bunch of little trips. each time i returned to the house i'd take a shower just to clean up from all the sweating. i went the garden to water my plants then to star market to stock up on some sale items: cherries ($1.77/lbs), watermelon ($3.99/each), corn (15¢/ear), ice cream ($2.50/14 oz./häagen-dazs). i went out to move the motorcycle closer to the house and to bring the bike down into the basement. i went to union square to withdraw some cash then swung by market basket on my way back to get some blue cheese burger ingredients. finally i went to the cafe to drop off my panasonic lumix camera for my parents, who were in the middle of renovating the cafe by first breaking down a part of the counter. i also wanted to pay a visit to haymarket but i'm leaving that for tomorrow, maybe in combination with a city photo trip.

i found an old woman in the garden picking flowers. i wasn't sure if she was a gardener until i saw her fussing with a plot. she came by while i was watering and asked me about my larkspurs. i had a suspicion maybe she wanted to pick some, but i told her i was letting them go to seeds, which seemed to put a stop to her collecting ambitions.

when i returned to the house one last time from the cafe, a moving truck had blocked the end of my street. new neighbors were moving into the area. they kept on saying that there was no access to beacon street, when in fact i'd been riding on it all day today. the confusion came from road barricades left behind that nobody bothered to move. i actually moved one of theme earlier. an elderly black man in a sedan kept honking his horn, yelling at the moving truck to get out of the way. he ended up just turning down the street. welcome to the neighborhood!

i finally got around to testing the thermal fuse on the broken espresso machine. it seemed most likely that was the reason why it wasn't working and a test with the multimeter revealed there was definitely no continuity across the fuse. i also noticed the plastic protector on the male terminal was slightly melted, another sign that there was some sort of temperature surge. now all i have to do is buy some replacement fuses, as well as possible crimps and replacement terminals in case we can't remove the old crimps and have to simply cut the cable. i'm also wondering if i should replace the thermostat as well, even though when i measured them with the multimeter they seemed okay (both brew and steam).

for lunch i ate an ear of corn, for dinner two hot dogs. snacks came in the form of cinnamon altoids, lays salt & vinegar potato chips, veggie stix, and rainier cherries. as for drinks, alternating between ice water, orange juice, and canada dry pomegranate cherry seltzer.