i paid a visit to michael's store in the late morning to see how he was doing with his printing issue. he called me yesterday to let me know he'd bought a new HP wireless printer but couldn't find the CD-ROM drive (new macbooks don't have them). i decided to go down today and see if he had everything set up, figuring he might be too embarrassed to call me back if something had gone wrong. apparently that was the right thing to do because michael wasn't able to get the printer set up. i tried finding the driver online, but for some reason HP didn't have it on their support website. i told michael i'd be back later with a portable CD-ROM drive, so we could run the setup app from the CD.

i went to market basket to collect some groceries before returning home. i ate a sandwich, watched a little more of batman v superman, then returned to michael's store an hour later. i brought my CD-ROM drive but had some problems getting it to work, first getting the drive to accept the CD (i couldn't find the slot), then later getting the CD to eject (i had to open up the case a little bit to give the disc some clearance). by the end we had the driver installed and the printer working.

in the afternoon i rode the motorcycle to belmont. my mother wanted to cash in her groupon tonight for the western grill (brazilian barbecue rodizio) out by inman square. had i known earlier, i could've stayed home and had them pick me up since it was along the way.

the barbecue was okay, but perhaps a step down from the last time, and that was step down from the time my parents went with my aunt and uncle. the problem with going on a weekday evening is slow business, which means they don't bring out their very best cuts of meat. instead of a barbecue chef bringing out the skewers, our waiter michael performed double duty. a really nice kid, just arrived from brazil more than a month ago, you would never be able to tell because he didn't have any accent.

while everyone else slowed down, i was getting my second wind, getting some more barbecued beef and kielbasa sausages. when it comes to buffet, i like to eat my money's worth. there was a bit of drama when it came time to pay, because my mother forgot to activate her groupon. i had to search in my parents' e-mail and go into the groupon website to activate the coupon.

we returned to belmont, where i retrieved my motorcycle and went back to cambridge.