scrubbing bubbles foaming bleach is the best: after reading that it was safe for vinyl, i spray some on my mildewy curtains as i was taking a shower. i didn't even have to do anything, but after a few minutes, i looked and most of the mildew was gone, like magic!

taking the motorcycle to belmont, i had to refamiliarize myself with the road condition after being on a riding hiatus for nearly 7 months: memorize locations of new potholes, sandy patches, uneven surfaces, steel plates, and other riding hazards. the good thing about the motorcycle is i'm not sweaty when i arrive at my destination, nor am i tired (since i don't have to pedal).

after eating some leftover shumai, i went out into the backyard to chop down some bamboos. this past winter was cold enough that a lot of bamboos were killed off. it gave us a chance to reevaluate our bamboo strategy and we decided to get rid of most of them to open up spaces to plant some trees instead (a lot less invasive).

i went to work with the industrial-sized pruning scissors. i cut the stalks as close to the ground as possible, then later sprayed the stumps with round-up herbicide to hasten their demise. some bamboos were coiled with the wisteria vine that've taken off this season; i had to cut back some of the wisteria in order to extract the bamboos. i ended up with a tall pile of bamboo stalks which will have to pruned down to manageable sizes if we want to throw them away.

i came in after about an hour working in the hot 80's degrees weather. soaked in sweat, i took a shower (i brought a change of clothes).

for dinner my parents made 韭菜盒子 (large chive + vermicelli + egg filled dumplings). i rode the motorcycle back home around 8pm, in anticipation of the season finale of game of thrones.

a most satisfying episode, starting with a death of a bunch of characters, none of which i really cared about (good riddance). cercei becomes queen (sweet metal goth reigning outfit), jon becomes king of the north (courtesy of lady mormont's inspiring speech), samwell goes to college (maester school), tyrion becomes hand of the queen, daario gets friend-zoned, daenerys sets sail for westeros with her mega army (unsullied, dothraki, iron islands, dorne, highgarden, plus 3 full-grown dragons), arya begins her one-woman assassination campaign, winter is coming, and R+L=J confirmed. next season can't come soon enough!