my mother called me at 10:40am. "where are you?" she asked. i was scheduled to meet them (my mother and 2nd aunt) at the cafe at 10am with housing forms i was supposed to get from the cambridge library. i was still asleep when she called. must've been because i didn't get a good night's sleep the night before. i quickly got out of bed, took a shower, and biked down to the library. i picked up the forms (a thick stack of paperwork) then cycled to the cafe. i arrive by 11:20am, completely out of breath. my aunt is trying to get public housing. the forms i picked up was for a place in cambridge, which isn't due until the first week of july. she was trying to sign up for another place in boston (right in chinatown), with a submission dead of thursday. i helped her fill out that form. afterwards i had a lychee bubble ice tea and a bowl of spicy sesame noodles for lunch before returning home.

i was watching the cleveland cavaliers championship parade on television. apparently 1.3 million people showed up for the event and the city was just a sea of people. i'm trying to remember how many people showed up for the red sox world series championship parade back in 2004. the official mayor menino's count for that event was 3.2 million people, but the route was much longer, and the red sox had a much longer wait for that championship (86 years).

i changed the screen cover on my iphone 5s. the old cover had been peeling from a corner and had gotten to the point where i couldn't clearly see the screen anymore. i cleaned the phone the best i could, use a kitchen paper bowl and some alcohol, followed by a lint-free cloth, then removing any additional dust particles with some tape. my first attempt was a failure: too many bubbles, and it wasn't even the right size (i think the cover was for an iphone 4; i only got it so i could cut it down to size to use as a screen cover for the 3" LCD on my dSLR). the second attempt was better (the right size at least).

i went with my parents sometime after 2pm to 1) return a few things at ac moore, 2) buy some vegetable seedlings from home depot, 3) visit the super market basket in chelsea, and 4) return a few things at ocean state job lot. we ended up spending over $40 on seedlings, which is the typical cost of indoor greenhouse maintenance (mostly electricity bill increase), but for far less plants than compared to if i grew my own. so i think growing my own seedlings is a far more economic option. after that we decided to stop for food at riley's roast beef.

i had the barbecue pulled beef sandwich which was okay. the sandwich itself is kind of sparse, not even a piece of lettuce, just a mound of meat between two buns. it did come with some coleslaw, corn bread, and a drink. my father got the seafood platter, my mother the classic roast beef sandwich. i've never been a fan of riley's roast beef. i find it sort of bland, and the roast beef always seem to be on the raw side that it makes me gag a little bit when i eat it. both my parents' order came with onion rings and fries. the rings were super hard for some reason, hurt my teeth just trying to eat it.

as it was already 3:30pm by the time we began eating, we decided not to go to market basket since it'd use up too much time. besides, it was approaching rush hour, and we didn't want to get stuck in chelsea. instead we went to ocean state job lot instead. my mother had more time to browse. i picked up a container of round-up herbicide and a t-shirt.

back in belmont by 6pm, my father and i were busy in the backyard planting the seedlings we bought earlier. we got 2 cherry tomatoes, 3 different variety of hot peppers, a japanese eggplant, some sweet basil, and a clump of thai basil. my father separated out the thai basil so we could get more plants. later we put up a clothesline for my mother. my father stayed outside, playing around with a rotary saw blade kit he bought from harbor freight earlier. he came in minutes later and said he nearly has an accident when the saw blade flew off the dremel tool and buried the blade deep into the dirt (instead of, say, his skull). he was going to use the rotating saw to trim so bamboo stalks.

my father later assembled an ikea ingolf bar stool my mother and sister had bought on saturday. since we had an early dinner, nobody was particularly hungry so i got a ride back home to cambridge, along with my 3 plants (a tomato, a hot pepper, a thai basil).