i finally got around to gluing my pressed flowers onto the glass frame. using a toothpick, i put a tiny dab of mod podge glue onto the back of each flower before setting them in place. i've never used mod podge before, and up until a few days ago, never even heard of it (although i probably seen it in crafts stores). i thought it was some sort of magical glue given all the online hype, but when i opened it up, it looked all white and syrupy, just like elmer's glue (although supposed to be clear once dried). so what's all the fuss? couldn't i have just used elmer's glue instead? but a bit more research online revealed a whole crafty world of mod podgers and the art of decoupage. they swear by their mod podge, saying that it's better than regular craft glue. there also seems to be a whole slew of things one can do with mod podge besides just gluing things. i couldn't tell, given my limited use of the adhesive, but happy that i was using one of the best craft glues for my project.

in the early afternoon i biked to belmont to do some yard work. although the front lawn was recently mowed, the backyard was a little unkept, with down bamboo stalks and overgrown grass. my father came home early to do some yard work as well. while he was cutting the dead bamboo stalks down to size, i was busy trimming the tall grass along the raised beds and pulling out weeds. we also dug up a few escaped bamboos, but there's plenty more to dig up in the rest of the yard. finally my father mowed the backyard.

my mother wasn't in the mood for cooking, which was code for us either getting takeout from burger king or domino's. we decided on pizza, which i ordered online around 5:45pm. my father and i went out to go pick up our order: one bacon onion pepper ring pizza with garlic parmesan sauce, one chicken mushroom red pepper with barbecue sauce. i only managed to eat 3 slices before i was full. i took home 4 more slices when i returned to cambridge around 7:30pm.

with the mod podge properly dried, i set the other glass pane on top of the pressed flowers and packed everything back inside the wooden frame. the glued flowers stayed in place. as a final touch, i used an embossing labeler and created a tag that read, "w.sichuan 2014" for the glass frame.

game 6 of the NBA finals was tonight. i watched from the couch and began to slip in and out of sleep, but a lebron james dunk woke me up and i stayed awake to watch the rest of the game. cleveland dominated early, running up the scoring by more than 20 points just in the first quarter. golden state came back though to get within single digits a few times, but they never captured the lead. cavalier's win means a game 7 on sunday. the NBA overlords must be ecstatic! although i must admit, the officiating seemed suspect. the warriors kept getting called for cheap fouls that on replays seemed unwarranted. stephen curry even got ejected from the game after fouling out and throwing his mouthguard into the crowd. that might get called for a one game suspension but it'd be disastrous for the league for their top star can't play in game 7. but definitely cleveland won due to talent plus some one-sided officiating.