is it monday? it took me a while to figure that out. when you don't work, weekdays and weekends all sort of meld together. i had more of a sense of the days of the week back in china because sunmeng would come visit me in chongqing during the weekends, but now back in boston, not so much. the weather and television schedule are now my primary markers for figuring out what day it is.

i was arguing with sunmeng this morning, she said i was ignoring her after she called me a bunch of names yesterday. i then chatted with alex and told him the story of how mary partially destroyed my house while i was gone.

i went to the supermarket on saturday but i bought only junk food. i returned to market basket around noontime today to get more groceries, this time food with some nutritional value: some packaged salads, a ham and cheese sandwich, and a $5 rotisserie chicken - enough food for the rest of the week. i ate half the chicken for lunch and was full for the rest of the day.

like yesterday, i began to feel very tired in the late afternoon and went to sleep on the couch, waking up around 8pm to close the blinds. i didn't shower all day and finally took one in the evening. afterwards i used a biore pore strip on my nose, my pores needed some cleaning after 2 months in china.

i was surprised that i wasn't hungry but did get a bit of a hunger pang in the late evening. but by then i was too lazy to make myself dinner and figured i'd sleep it off until tomorrow. speaking of not eating, i weighed myself when i came back from china and my weight didn't really change. i thought i lost weight (despite eating a lot, i also did a lot of walking, and one days when sunmeng wasn't around, i actually didn't eat too much), but it was pretty much the same as before, maybe just on the lower end of my average.