i don't believe in jetlag. i believe it happens because you fall asleep when you shouldn't be sleeping. to get over jetlag, just remember this rule: stay awake during the day, go to sleep only at night. so how does that explain why i wasn't able to fall asleep last night and stayed awake until 4-5am? maybe there's something to this jetlag thing after all...

despite sleeping so late, i still ended up waking early around 9am. i had the television turned on to the french opens mens final match between murray and djokovic. my sister called me around 11am, asked if i needed a ride to belmont since it was raining outside, told me she'd arrive in half an hour. i saw people walking around outside whom i recognized as cambridge secret garden goers. had i known, i might've gone myself despite the rain.

in belmont my mother made belgian waffles and kielbasa sausages. my sister brought a container of fresh strawberries she'd picked from her backyard; when my mother tried one she said it was a bit sour. after lunch, i went out into the backyard with an umbrella to take photos of the flowers, a profusion of pinks and purples.




other flowers:

due to the rain the cafe wasn't busy so my father closed early and came home around 2pm. for dinner we had chinese sauerkraut fish stew with rice (酸菜鱼), using one of the chongqing fish stew packages i brought back from china. my mother used fish heads which has a particularly fish flavor that i didn't like, but i did like the occasional bites of numbing sichuan peppercorns.

before 6pm my father gave me a ride back to cambridge, as he was on his way to fix dinner for my grand uncle. i felt a bit tired all day and soon fell asleep on the couch, laptop resting on my stomach, with the television turned on to game 2 the NBA finals which i ended up not watching. i woke up close to 10pm and decided to retire to the bedroom after flossing and brushing my teeth. lying in bed, i felt the call to use the bathroom and ended up taking a shower afterwards. i wasn't sleepy by that point and ended up watching the latest downloaded episode of game of thrones on my phone (i forgot to watch it on HBO when it aired earlier at 9pm). i didn't go to sleep until well past 2am.