more days!

the only constructive thing i did today was to call verizon wireless to ask why the latest bill is still so high. they have a strange billing cycle, where any downward adjustments you make don't get reflected until your next bill in the form of credits. of course if you were to add any services, that reflects right away on your bill, no need to wait. it's totally confusing, which is more the reason to switch to a different carrier. my parents and i checked yesterday, we are still under contract until september. when that day arrives, we will all make a mass exodus and switch to t-mobile, which will save us at least $45 a month compare to what we pay now.

mary came home early today, around 5:30pm. this was perfect because it meant i could take her to market basket. she wanted to borrow my bike this weekend and go herself, but this way i can ride my own bike, and i won't have to worry about her not being able to handle my ride. besides, MB is closed on sunday for easter, so now was the perfect time to go.

she insisted on bringing her purse, even though i told her she just needed her debit card or just enough cash to pay for her groceries. when we arrived, she wanted to push a cart, even though that makes for a more difficult navigation in the crowded narrow aisles. she seems oblivious about cart etiquette (maybe because she doesn't drive), parking it in the middle of the aisles, blocking others from passing. i kept moving her cart for her. true to her word, she bought up all the fish heads in the store, and then some other fresh fishes. the whole time she kept on asking me, "do you think this is too much?" when i told her to decide for herself, i think she interpreted that as buy even more. besides fish, she also bought some pork and beef, and then some vegetables (carrots, potatoes) and fruits (bag of apples). by the end the cart was full and i kept eyeing its volume, trying to figure out if we can haul everything back. i only bought two cartons of juice and a clutch of bananas; mary ended up buying $110 worth of groceries.

so naturally not everything could fit in my rear bike baskets. she kept wanting to ride my bike, saying it was too heavy, but i've seen the way she rides (whenever she stops she jumps off the bike completely), and it'd be better if i pulled the heavy load. even though she had to tie bags to her handlebars and carry a shopping sack over her shoulder, while i had to do the same myself. that was the only way we were able to bring back everything.

mary was so grateful for my help that she split her rotisserie chicken with me and shared some eclairs. that was enough for dinner that i didn't need to break into my leftover pizza stash (i did have 2 slices for lunch earlier).

wangyan contacted me in the evening, morning china time. it was obviously to ask me to buy something else for her, but it was her cousin that was making the request. i showed wangyan the coach bags i got for sunmeng, which turned out to be a terrible mistake, because apparently she showed her cousin, and now her cousin wants me to buy the exact same style for her (just different colors). this could be a problem because when sunmeng sees i've bought the same bags for somebody else, she could get mad. or maybe she won't. in any case, that's something else i have to bring now, and i'm pretty sure i'll need to do 2 suitcases at this point, no escaping it. i chatted with wangyan via qq voice because it's a lot faster than typing; it was surprisingly clear, no delay at all.