i went down to michael's store today, to match his configuration for the outlook express blueprint extension. i managed to fix the print button issue but still haven't figured out how to print a large size document. i tried getting a copy of his outlook data but there's some trick to it, can't just simply copy-and-drag. i asked him to get his sister to prepare the latest backup while i try to iron out this last remaining bug (print size).

i came back in the early afternoon and finished the rest of my chicken caesar salad. i also did a load of laundry today, washed all the linens from the guest bedroom. eliza did volunteer to wash them for me but i told her i'd do them. i then made the bed, it looks as good as new. the curtain i put up yesterday definitely makes the room darker, but if it gives mary some peace of mind when she returns (when is that anyway? she never once got in touch with me after she left), it will be worth it.

later i biked to belmont. i managed to add the electric account to the cafe's eversource account (it involved removing the electric from an old account). unfortunately business accounts can't sign up for autopay, but i did manage to pay the bills online using single pay. the obihai obi200 voip box arrived ($34, discounted because i had a coupon directly from obihai), but i still haven't managed to find the security pin for the comcast voip phone number. i called a total of 3 times today; the first 2 times they said they'd send me the pin via e-mail, but it wasn't until i got the last person who finally told me they were going to mail it to me since they weren't allowed to send it over e-mail.

in the evening i streamed the latest episode of AMC's better call saul live from a browser using the xfinity tv go service (with my grand uncle's cable account). i wish i could cast it to my HDTV but better than nothing. back when i occasionally streamed cable with my parents' verizon FIOS account, i could only get a few channels; xfinity offers me a little bit more (maybe because i'm on xfinity as well, just don't have any cable service).

i heard the thumping of steps up the stairs: my neighbors were back from their vacation to mexico city. steve sent me a quick e-mail the night before they left, but something must've gotten lost in translation because he said they'd be back tuesday night of last week, a quick 48 hour vacation. he obviously meant this week, but even then, they're back a day early. i was getting used to having an empty house all to myself, no roommate and no neighbors.