eliza had a coffee appointment this morning with a friend then went to the MFA in the afternoon. i spent the day at home, putting my bike away in anticipation of the snow, along with the minibow tank. the t-mobile sim card arrived in the mail but without the account number and security pin i couldn't transfer the cafe number onto the mobile phone just yet.

i went out just once to buy a few on-sale items from star market (pomegranate seltzer, stouffer's frozen meals, veggie strips). i also bought a new container of tide detergent ($10.99), to replace the one i gave to my parents because the febreze scent was just too clingy. i was going to go with the tried-and-true mountain spring, but wanted to change it up so i picked clean breeze instead. i made sure i opened the cap and smelled the scent first before buying this time.

i did a water change on the fish tank after i gently scrubbed off the protein film on the java fern leaves. i only siphoned one bucket worth of aquarium water, but hopefully that will clear away some of the free-floating detritus.

it snowed in the afternoon, quick flurry bursts, big airy flakes that couldn't decide whether to fall or rise, so instead floated in the air like feathers. however by evening time enough snow did fall to coat everything in a thin layer of snow.

when eliza came back to the house around 6pm, we left around 6:45pm for rf o'sullivans to grab some american burgers for dinner. the place was packed, we waited a few minutes before one of the tables opened up. eliza ended up treating, we did not get carded when we ordered our beer/cider. back at the house i let eliza tried some chinese baijiu while we chatted. i finished the evening with an impromptu china slideshow (photos pulled from my instagram streamed to the HDTV via chromecast) before eliza finally went to bed at 11pm.