a thoroughly unproductive friday, the only constructive thing i did today was to go pick up my drug prescription from rite aid then stopped by market basket and star market for some groceries. i was so lazy i didn't finally eat until 2pm, apple chicken sausage oatmeal.

i wish i could get paid for not doing anything, because i'm a master at it. sure, you say, anyone can do nothing all day, that sounds easy. no my friend, you'd be mistaken, because nobody can it to the level i've achieved, through years of practice. i'm the do-nothingest person you'll ever meet.

the replacement brackets for my parents' awning arrived today, although they were delivered to my neighbor's doorstep ($3.50 + $5 shipping). out of curiosity i looked to see where it was from and was surprised to see that it was addressed to me. my latest order from amazon.com arrived today as well, an anker 40w 4-port usb wall charger (black, $22.59) and a 6-pack of tronsmart premium 20AWG micro usb charging cables ($10.99).

the anker wall charger came in a nicely-designed box reminiscent of an apple product. the charger itself is actually surprisingly heavy, i don't know why it has so much heft, might make me reconsider using it as a travel charger if weight is an issue.

the tronsmart cables also came packaged in a box. the cables work well, particularly the 6ft cables, which is what i got them for. charging my oneplus one phone with the new anker charger (which is rated 2.4 amps per port) and using a tronsmart 6ft cable, i got a current rating of 940mA. that rating goes up even higher when i turn off the screen, jumping up to a whopping 1900mA. charging with the short 1ft cable (with the screen on) gave me 1170mA. using my usual OPO charger (2A output), i get around 800mA with the 6ft tronsmart cable.

i heated up half a jar of pasta sauce and a carton of fresh buitoni 4-cheese tortellini for dinner. i watched the first episode of HBO's vinyl, which had been playing every single day, but i never got a chance to see it from beginning to end.