* today was my 42nd birthday.

* existential bathroom cramps this morning as the side effects of last night's hot pot finally caught up to me. i also broke out into a cold sweat and felt like vomiting. i kept going to the bathroom the rest of the morning, all the way until my mother showed up.

* i texted the daughter of the businesswoman coming to boston for a financial consultant meeting. i wanted to know their schedule because my uncle wanted me to show them around boston but 1) the daughter doesn't know their itinerary, and 2) they are here in boston on a weekend where we expect to experience recording setting cold temperature. i hope they enjoy getting frostbite.

* mother and 2nd aunt and i went to kabob factory for lunch buffet ($11/person). they didn't have a big selection, but what they had was good, especially the chicken kabobs. we got there a bit after 11:30am so it wasn't busy yet but the place soon filled up with the lunchtime crowd, especially a reserved party table with over a dozen people. they sort of skimp on some of the niceties, like not refilling our bread unless we asked, and only turning on the heat when the other customers arrived. it was my aunt's first indian food experience.

* afterwards went to michael's to get some yarn where i almost went to the bathroom in my pants because the combination of hot pot plus indian food was not agreeing with me.

* tried calling general awning's customer support but nobody answered. i left a message then wrote them an e-mail, still no response.

* played around with google voice, adding another phone number to my second google account and syncing it up with my oneplus one phone. for the very first time i was able to use my android OPO as a phone instead of just a mini wifi tablet.

* mary's drama of the day: asked me if it was okay if she invited her friend over tomorrow so she can do laundry since she doesn't have a washing machine. also told me the rest of the month she won't be going to classes anymore so she can focus on finishing a paper for her work back at home in shanghai. i said fine to all her requests but i really wanted to say no.

* my california uncle contacted me regarding his boston-visiting guests. he himself doesn't quite know their itinerary either, and was pushing for me to take them out on saturday, when in fact, they'll be in town until monday morning, so most likely they'll be available on sunday. that should leave tomorrow free.