once again, steve wrote me an e-mail complaining about the water pressure. "sorry to keep doing this but I'm trying to see a pattern. 8:15am, are you doing laundry?" i told him no. it actually gives me a tremendous amount of joy whenever he complains, since it used to me who would be complaining all the time (about the noise).

i transferred the CAC domain from godaddy to namecheap. it's not due to expire until the 15th, but it normally takes around 5 days for the transfer to go through. now i just have one last godaddy domain before i'm completely free from them.

i found the house especially cold today, even though it was just in the 30's outside. it didn't help that i didn't have a warm lunch, just had some beef tendons and two braised hard-boiled eggs. lucky i didn't go for a cold smoothie, otherwise i would've been really freezing. finally i couldn't take it anymore and raised the heat up to 65°F. once it got warm enough, i turned it back down again.

i was going to ride the bike down to MB to get some groceries, but my mother called at the last minute and told me my father was going tomorrow, and i could get a ride with him instead. since i was already in the basement, i ended up reorganizing my bike collection. i also took a look at the shut off valves. i think the problem with the low water pressure is because the rubber washer on the inlet valve probably fell off, clogging the pipe in the process. i tried shutting off the valve but it won't stop turning in the off position, which confirms my suspicion that the washer is missing. the shut off valve is attached to threaded galvanized iron, so i'm not sure what the procedure is to replace the valve.

i did go out regardless, walked down to rite aid to buy some valentine candy, before taking a different route back home.

for dinner i had some more leftover spaghetti. mary didn't come home until 7:30pm. tonight's drama: apparently last night she noticed somebody walking in renee's alleyway and now she's terrified. i sort of scolded her, told her not to be so afraid of everything, and that it was just our next door neighbors. she also asked if they owned a gun. i wish i owned a gun. so i could shoot her if she asked me another dumb question.

the new hampshire primary was tonight. winners were bernie sanders and donald trump, who were both the expected winners for their respective parties, so no surprise there. sanders won by over 20%, which might worry clinton given that the two candidates were virtually tied in the iowa caucus (although a caucus is not exactly the same as a regular election). on the republican side, the big surprise was kasich, whom i know very little about, taking second place. that spot was originally supposed to be for rubio (won 5th), before he imploded during the saturday night debate, where the world discovered that he's secretly a robot. hopefully we won't see as many political ads now that the NH primary is over.