even though i was looking forward to a good night of sleep, i still woke up about the same time as yesterday morning when SM texted me to chat. i won't be able to sleep late tonight either since i need to wake up early for a gas meter replacement appointment. mary had already left for school. walking around the kitchen, i noticed several new oil drip spots on the floor that i had to clean before i went to go use the bathroom and take a shower. for once i'd like to have a roommate where i wasn't constantly cleaning up after.

today's local temperature reached as high as 59°F. i find it very hard to believe that we will get any significant amount of snow this winter given that there's only one month left in the season and it's been so unusually warm. sometime after noontime i biked to belmont. my mother made some eggs and venison sausage, as well as some biscuits that ended up scorching on the bottom because she used the toaster oven.

not too much activities on the feeders, a male down woodpecker came to the suet cage, and i saw a chickadee visit the globe feeder. the squirrel came back again and managed to get at the suet; so far it's seemed to have avoided the globe feeder, which is actually much easier to break in, with an easier cache of seeds. i think the slinky pole setup i have for the globe feeder is just too advanced for the squirrels.

my parents were watching the godfather epic on HBO last night. i replaced the last 2 hours for my mother who hadn't finished watching it, and then replayed the movie all over again because she'd missed the beginning.

after dinner i helped my father order some supplies from vitalitymedical.com for my grand uncle: 2 boxes of ensure clear therapeutic nutrition drinks (apple and mixed berry flavors), urinary leg bags, and some urinary drainage bags. i then biked back to cambridge. mary asked me if she could use my rice cooker, as her slow cooker was making some stew, something she does every single night.