despite sleeping for the whole ride from new york city back to boston, i was still tired and was looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. i was also carsick, and had a headache behind my eyes. after a good night's sleep, i woke up back to normal. my father stopped by in the late morning to drop off a box and pick up the smoked duck i purchased from flushing.

in the afternoon i packaged up frances' latest shipment, printed out a shipping label, and biked down to the porter square post office. i thought it wouldn't be crowded but there was 7 people ahead of me in line with only one working clerk. fortunately i wasn't in any hurry. afterwards i biked to star market to get some groceries.1 i returned home, made myself a smoothie,2 then finished watching a bootleg of the latest star wars movie.

mary came home at 5pm (she left before i woke up this morning). she asked to use one of my bikes, since she and her friend plan on taking a trip into haymarket tomorrow afternoon. later she took a shower, did some laundry, and cooked herself some dinner (noodles) all before 7pm. throughout the night i kept going into the kitchen to turn off the lights and to the bathroom to close the door. i finished the evening watching the godfather epic on HBO,3 at least the first 4 hours of it (the whole thing is a whopping 7 hours).

1 i bought a package of oreo's which were on sale. i haven't had these cookies in a long time, i personally have no feelings about them, just curious since it's been a while. once i started eating one i couldn't stop and before too long i was already done with half the package and thinking about if i should get more while they're still on sale. there are however other things to eat, things much healthier.

2 smoothie ingredient list: 2 cups of frozen fruit, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 cup of chopped kale stems, 1 peeled banana, 1 peeled nugget of ginger, few drops of rose water. the rose water was something new and added another fragrant dimension to the drink. the final result wasn't very inspiring though, a serviceable fruit elixir, but nothing very memorable.

3 every time i watch the godfather i learn something new. this time - with the help of wikipedia - i was able to keep the names of all the different characters straight - barzini, tessio, tattaglia, sollozo, clemenza, carlo rizzi, stracci, and luca brasi.