it's hard getting out of bed in the morning when it's cold in the house. it also doesn't help that i went to bed sort of late (2am, i was actually in bed by midnight, but reading a book). but when the weather is cold, all i want to do is just stay under the warm covers. that's why i didn't get out of bed today until 11am.

for lunch i had a salad (italian dressing) and a toasted english muffin with 5-year-expired grape jelly. i even surprised myself by how healthy everything was. not wanting this health streak to end, i baked the rest of my leftover kale. this time i used two cookie sheets, and just switched their positions midway through after 10 minutes. i also baked them for less time, just until they were crispy and dried (a little over 20 minutes).

in the afternoon i biked down to market basket to pick up some smoothie ingredients. i got some beets, a slice of ginger, a bunch of bananas, and a carton of almond milk. what i really wanted was more fresh fruits, but i think i'll go down to haymarket on friday to get them on cheap; i'm looking for quantity over quality since i'm going to blend them all together anyway.

the weird thing was i wasn't hungry the rest of the day. i had some kale chips and i snacked on some dorito's, but otherwise i didn't eat anything else, other than drink some grapefruit juice and some tea. i brought out the trash in the early evening, and noticed it was starting to snow a little bit. throughout the night there's supposed to be periods of snow and rain, but the boston area will get a dusting at most, and then washed away by rain which will then freeze overnight.

close to 8pm i cooked up some white cheddar shells for dinner, added some frozen leftover spinach. i watched the state of the union address while i ate, obama's last address. for dessert i ate the last of my minneola tangelo and then some california oranges. i watched some shannara chronicles, MTV's latest foray in the fantasy realm series. when i started watching the first episode (actually the first and second episode combined) i didn't think much of it but it sort of grew on me. the story lines are a little played out but the cast is pretty enough to tune in for a few more episodes at least.