it rained a lot today but fortunately i had the car and was able to drive to belmont. i saw a male downy woodpecker feeding on the suet cake despite the rain, he must've been hungry. i went out into the backyard at one point to reattach some loose gutter drains. it wasn't just rain in the middle of winter that was unusual; the temperature also skyrocketed, reaching close to 60°F.

in the afternoon i watched two more wildcard football games: seahawks vs. vikings, and packers vs. redskins. just to quickly summarize, every single home team lost this weekend, which was the case this afternoon as well.

the minnesota game was the more interesting of the two games, simply because of how cold it was, with negative temperatures. again, it was that kind of low-scoring defense-focused game, but the vikings seemed to be in a good position, until seattle mounted a comeback. but minnesota was in the verge of winning, with a field goal to end in the game in victory...except the kicker missed the goal! as for the later game, the packers were the better team, and the better team won, even though washington seemed to threaten in the beginning.

my father came home early in the afternoon. since he was fasting, he decided to take a nap to make the time go faster. at 6pm he drank a bottle and a half of magnesium citrate, followed by a bottle of gatorade. my mother and i had some simple rice porridge along with my year old sichuan paocai. the fermented vegetable had lost all its crispiness but still flavorful. there was no carbonation.

i drove back home, stopping by the cafe to change my grand uncle's urine bag. i spent the rest of the evening watching the golden globes.

lihui told me this morning that our mutual coworker friend wangyang divorced her husband and was back in shanghai. that would explain why i haven't heard from her recently; i thought she was still working on the venezuela project.