since my father was at the cafe this morning, he said he could swing by my place and give me a ride. it'd rained earlier and intermittent showers were expected throughout the day. i could've biked but i had some things to carry (squirrel baffles, my old plastic globe bird feeder) and decided to take the car option instead.

my mother continued to verify that ever since i put up the slinky guard no squirrel has been to the feeder. at most they loiter about the shepherd pole forlornly, looking up at the suet cake with no way of getting up there.

i screened a copy of the big short, a movie i'd watched last night and thought it was one of the greatest movies i've seen recently. afterwards i watched the first playoff game of the day between the chiefs and the texans. despite having the better record, kansas city was the wild card against division winner houston. the game turned out to be a snooze, with the chiefs shutting out the texans.

my father is getting a colonoscopy monday morning so he couldn't really eat anything today but rice porridge. come tomorrow (sunday), he'll need to fast for a whole day, nothing but fluids, and drink this solution (magnesium citrate) that will give him explosive diarrhea the rest of the night.

after dinner my father left to go take care of my grand uncle. i drove the other car back home. going to the liquor store to buy a powerball ticket, i bumped into steve, who was just leaving with bottles of wine. i spent the rest of the evening watching the steelers-bengals game. that game started out pretty boring too, with two great defenses stifling each other so that neither team could score any points. but the end of the game got exciting, as cincinnati mounted a comeback from 0-15 to take the lead in the 4th quarter after being shut out the rest of the game. with 14 seconds in the left, the steelers made a field goal after earning a headhunting penalty plus another personal foal penalty from the bengals defensive. pittsburgh win, to face the broncos next week.

i did not win the powerball drawing tonight ($900+ million), not even a single number matched.