no new birds at the belmont feeder, although house sparrows seem to be getting bolder and i spent some time scaring them away whenever i saw them feeding from the suet feeder. today i saw a total of 4 different chickadees coming to the feeder, along with the usual downy woodpeckers and white-breasted nuthatches. a cardinal pair seemed to be interested in the suet feeder but they're incapable of feeding from the cage. juncos forage on the ground along with squirrels, and nearby a song sparrow scratches in leaf piles looking for food as well. i brought my 70-300mm lens today, and started shooting with the living room window open and the polarizing filter removed for maximum clarity. i also took some 1080p HD videos.

patriots played the jets in new york today and lost the game in overtime. i'm not too worried, patriots still get a bye week in the playoffs. i'll feel better come tomorrow night though, i'm hoping the broncos will lose against the bengal tigers. new england can still get home field advantage if they can beat miami next sunday in the final game of the regular season. now that rex ryan is no longer coaching the jets, i sort of like them. jets this season kind of reminds me of the patriots, players play without drama (that goes with the coaching as well under todd bowles), just a good professional team. elsewhere, the carolina panthers lost their first game of the season against their division rivals the atlanta falcons, thus ending their hopes of a perfect season (only new england has ever gone a perfect 16-0 in a regular season).

i was hoping for some belgian waffles for lunch when i arrived in belmont, but instead my mother gave me some leftover noodles. for dinner she made some salted rice fried rice.

it was raining slightly on my bike ride home. i had stop by my grand uncle's place to change out his urine bag. my sister was home along with hailey. hailey recognized me and didn't bark, which isn't always the case (either bad dog eyes or easily spooked).

over the holidays i put on some weight. it all started when i had that 2 dinners in one night. after that every morning when i weighed myself i got heavier and heavier. i'm not at 151lbs, when just a week ago i was still 144lbs.