i've been waking up well after 11am for most of this holiday, just catching up on sleep. as the supermarkets were now open the day after christmas, i biked down to market basket to pick up some belgian waffle mix, strawberry compote, and whip cream. they had everything but the waffle mix. that's not true: they did have a gluten-free waffle mix, but i've learned that anything gluten-free usually means it tastes awful and costs more, so i decided to look elsewhere.

fortunately i can always go to nearby star market to see if they carried what i needed. they didn't have any krusteaz belgian waffle mix (the golden standard), but they did have some jiffy all purpose baking mix, which was better than nothing, so i bought a box. i then packed up and rode the motorcycle to belmont. it would've been a good day for bicycling, but the motorcycle had been sitting for a while and i just wanted to run it to make sure nothing rusts.

my mother made belgian waffles when i arrived in belmont. we opened the jiffy mix and realized it was pretty bad so we didn't use it. fortunately we still had half a box of krusteaz mix. the jiffy mix doesn't smell fragrant like the krusteaz mix. the jiffy mix also doesn't contain any sugar and needs the addition of milk as one of the ingredients.

after thinking about it for months, i finally went ahead and bought a roku. it was only version 3, and a factory-refurbished at that ($68 including taxes via groupon), but at least it'll give me something to play with in evaluating the best media streaming option. the next step is building a media center from a raspberry pi. i like the roku because it has a dedicated remote. as great a device a chromecast can be, the lack of a dedicated remote still takes some getting used to. a roku also has been around much longer, so the list of roku channels is more robust compared to apps that support chromecasting.

it was my first time seeing white-breasted nuthatches at the suet feeder, a pair of male and female. there were also chickadees and downy woodpeckers, and more house sparrows seem to be frequently the feeder. what i really want to see now are red-breasted nuthatches (i know they're around because i saw a pair back in november).

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temperature was a bit chilly in the lower 40's, but the windshield stopped the brunt of the cold as i rode back to cambridge. after i shower, i went back outside to put the cover on the bike since it'd rain later tonight. i spent the rest of the evening starting what i hope to be an annual holiday tradition: the wire marathon! if you recall, HBO ran a remastered marathon of the show the end of last year. i caught a lot of it, and i loved the new HD remastering, like seeing the wire for the very first time. i actually watched a few episodes last night, served it from my phone, streaming through the chromecast. so far i'm on season 1, but i'm working my way through the rest of the season within the next few nights.