i decided to stay home and watch the 1pm patriots game, thinking alfonso had an interest in seeing a genuine american football match. but the weather outside was nice (but cold, in the 30's) and alfonso ended up taking one last tour of boston with his friend emilio (alfonso will be returning to spain on wednesday).

the tennessee titans tie with the cleveland browns as the worst team in the NFL this season. still, even the worst team can potentially beat the best team, but that would not be the case this afternoon, as the patriots methodically created a big lead in the first half and used the running game in the second half to eat up the clock. there were times when the titans were close enough to tie the game but there was never any doubt as to the outcome. the only uncertainly was if more new england patriots would get injured as the game progressed. fortunately there didn't seem to be anything major, but some players did leave the game, their prognosis unknown. these are the sort of games i like to watch, the opponents get close but a patriots victory was never in question.

with less than 2 minutes left in the game, i walked down to the porter square michael's around 4pm to meet up with my mother. there was a special 20% off everything sales event between 4pm to 11pm. business was pretty good as plenty of customers were stocking up on crafts material. my mother ended up getting $45 worth of wool yarn. she got there via car as i drove us back to belmont, passing the cafe where i saw my father still behind the counter.

after dinner my father drove me back home, but not before we stopped by my grand uncle's place so my father could empty out his urine bag and replaced it with a larger night bag. i was there to learn, in case i needed to perform this duty in the near future. my sister was home too and i checked out her 128GB microSDHC SD slot adapter. for some reason her macbook pro couldn't reformat the card and had trouble reading it, so it's either the card itself (i doubt it) or the reader (more likely) that's having the problem. i'll need to investigate it further; fortunately i bought it through amazon.com and they have a good return policy.

i came back to an empty house with the scheduled heating just turning on. i brought back the ninja master prep, which my mother and i went to target to buy for my sister on black friday weekend, but it's almost been a month and she still hasn't taken it with her, so i'm taking it now. i look forward to making some delicious blended drinks!

i went to the supermarket to pick up a box of clementines on sale, then returned home to shower and watch the cardinals-eagles game. a good night for football, as both the broncos and the giants lost tonight. new england is guaranteed a bye now, the only question is whether we get the number 1 or number 2 slot (number 1 means home field advantage throughout). if the patriots win just one of their last two games of the season, they will get the number 1 slot.

alfonso returned home around 11:30pm carrying a macy's bag. i think he spent most of the day shopping, and then in the evening his friend took him to a sushi restaurant on the green line, which sounded more like korean barbecue when he explained it to me.