there are no scheduled heating on weekend mornings. feeling a touch cold, i manually cranked it to 68 degrees and turned it back down to 60 degrees afterwards. alfonso was still asleep, having returned home well after i was already asleep last now after watching another episode of jesssica jones.

alfonso was asking me if i could take him to a good chinese restaurant nearby. i asked him if he's ever tried dim sum before, and if he was interested, i could take him now, weekend (sunday) morning being the traditional time for dim sum. i told him we could leave as soon as he got ready, but spanish people eat late, as i waited for him to finish chatting with his parents. we didn't leave until 1pm.

we walked to harvard square via oxford street, then took the redline to downtown crossing boston, where we then walked to chinatown. a stretch of harrison avenue was closed to car traffic as a large group of chinese children crowded on the street with their adult chaperone. i asked a city road crew worker leaning against a truck what was going on. he told me they were waiting for the mayor to come and light a christmas tree and give out presents.

i took alfonso to hei la moon on beach street for dim sum (hai la moon dim sum menu):

walking back from chinatown to downtown crossing:

dinner in belmont:

i introduced my mother to jessica jones on netflix last night. by the time i go to belmont in the late afternoon to watch the patriots game, she'd already binge-watched all 13 episodes (i was still only on episode 5).