the big breaking news on all the noontime news broadcast was the status of rob gronkowski: nothing serious, a mild knee strain (bone bruise) at worst, will only miss a game or two. new england lets out a collective sigh of relief.

i was up at 9am this morning but ana was in the bathroom. she ended up staying in there for the next hour, cutting into my morning routine. i will be so happy when she's finally gone in about 24 hours. as soon as she got out, i got my turn in the bathroom. while i was taking a shower, i heard her wheeling a heavy suitcase out of the house. i wouldn't see her the rest of the day.

i helped my father order a full automatic hospital bed from emedhospitalbeds.com more than 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived. with my grand uncle about to be discharged from physical therapy care in a few days, we were hoping the bed would be ready for him when he got out. i tried calling their customer support the past few days, but with thanksgiving in the way, i couldn't get anyone until this morning. the woman i spoke with was pleasant enough, all she could tell me was the shipment still wasn't ready, and she estimates probably thursday or friday before it goes out, which means it won't finally arrive until next week.

i ordered some large print photos today, 12x8 sizes. not many places carry that size, but adoramapix does. they had all sorts of deals, like reduced pricing if you order 10+ prints, free shipping over $39, and a 20% black friday/cybermonday discount code. originally i just ordered 18 prints, but for some reason the only discount i got was the 20% reduction and nothing else. i discovered that when you use the code, the reduction is from the non-reduced print price. i was going to call the company and complain, but figured it wasn't worth it waiting on the phone to get an operator. i ended up ordering a few more prints (22) to get free shipping as well ($5 otherwise).

today was the coldest day of the week, with temperature in the upper 30's. since rain was in the forecast for tomorrow, i took the opportunity to rake the last of the leaves in the backyard. at least one of my upstairs neighbors was home, but he naturally hid in the house, offering no assistance. i didn't mind, gave me a bit of exercise, got it done pretty quick, collected 3 bags of brown oak leaves.

after paying a quick visit to dollar tree (my mother wanted me to get her an eyeglasses chain), i motorcycled to belmont to rake the remaining leaves in the backyard. my father had gone over some of the leaves with the lawnmower late saturday to create some shredded mulch for the raised beds. the area around the backyard maple still had a lot of leaves. apparently it wasn't as much as i thought though because i managed to collect everything in just 2 bins. i didn't take them out to the curb, figuring i might use the leaves for composting purposes, or additional mulch.

my mother came home earlier, got a ride with my sister when she was dropping off hailey. this morning i ordered an ipad air 16GB for my 2nd aunt from target, there everything-15%-off cybermonday sale. it retails for $399, but after the discount the price drops to $339, plus an additional $20 for taxes. i didn't think i could buy it online, but after clicking on the link a few times, it finally let me through. i could order it, and pick it up from the store, and according to the website, they were available at the watertown target, where my mother and i went saturday night and saw they were all out. anyway, i waited the whole day and target never notified me that my order was ready for pickup, meaning they simply didn't have any merchandise in stock. so i cancelled the order and just bought a factory-refurbished ipad air from the online apple store, which out to almost exactly the same price anyway. apple refurbished is pretty much like new anyway.

i ordered another chipped key blank (from amazon) for the camry and a matching fob (from ebay). my parents can't seem to find the last one i had made. it's either somewhere in the house or they lost it somehow. or maybe i lost it. i can't remember, but the key felt unfamiliar when i drove the car again this past weekend. i remembered i used the new key when i went to salem, but somehow during that time it went missing. anyway, once the new key and fob arrives, i'll have to program them again and get the key made.

my father worked the evening shift at the cafe because my aunt said was she sick. my mother said she was sick as well, but with no major symptoms besides muscle aches. after some turkey noodles for dinner, i returned to cambridge.

ana wasn't home, which surprised me because i figured she'd be cleaning the rest of the day. from the evidence she left behind, she was home earlier, but thankfully didn't cook. she still has a lot of stuff around, which makes me think maybe she's going to leave it behind for alfonso. but i guess this being her last night in boston, maybe she's celebrating with friends. i know that her flight back to spain is 5pm tomorrow, so she's probably going to leave by around noontime or so. once that happens, i have a few hours to clean the guest bedroom before alfonso arrives in the evening.

i managed to watch the latest episode of fargo using my parents' verizon FIOS account. i managed to stream the live broadcast from the FX website. fargo is so good if you love quirky suspenseful comedic crime dramas about polite midwesterners doing impolite things.