awake by 9:30am, left the bedroom by 10am, but ana was already gone by then. i think today she and her father are doing some sightseeing in boston before he returns to spain tomorrow. i motorcycled to belmont, dressed for serious winter action despite the fact that temperature was only in the low 40's. i had more leftover turkey for lunch then settled in to an afternoon of football. my mother and i continued to search for a 16GB ipad air for my 2nd aunt, but everywhere we looked they were sold out. i helped my mother buy a used leather coach bag online ($80). somehow she managed to find a website that connects buyers with individual sellers of namebrand items like handbags. then when my father came home, i helped him buy a new GPS (factory refurbished garmin1 nuvi 3590LMT, $130).

after some fried rice for dinner, i returned to cambridge. temperature had dropped into the 30's, but fortunately i was dressed for the occasion. the bike felt tight though, compared to friday when temperature was in the 60's. nobody was home when i got back, but ana was definitely here earlier, because somebody had turned on the heat, and she thoughtfully left a bag of trash in the kitchen for me to take out. all i know is in about 36 hours she will be on her way back to spain.

all day i'd been waiting for the patriots-broncos game. new england with its nearly depleted offense was predicted to lose by many sports pundits. but the game started out very well, with the pats scoring 2 touchdowns early on. then things stalled, made worse by the falling snow. it was just a messy game overall. despite seeming like they'd lose, new england came back to tie the game and send it into overtime. but things didn't go our way, and denver ended up winning with their backup quarterback. i don't think pats fans really care about losing the perfect season; we're more worried about gronkowski, who had to be carted off the field with what looked to be a painful leg/knee injury.

ana came home around 11:45p. dejected by the patriots' loss tonight, i called it an early evening as well. i've got a weird week scheduled, with one roommate moving out and another roommate moving in. i'm also not sure if i'm going to new york city or not next week, with my grand uncle returning home. finally, i need to get my dental crown placed (and pay an additional $700 in the process).

1 this makes it our 3rd garmin driving gps. prior to that i was an early-adopter of a garmin etrex vista hiking gps. our first driving gps was nuvi 650 (4.3" screen) purchased in may 2008 (i actually thought it was longer than that, seems like we had that thing forever). then back in january 2011 we got a nuvi 295w, which was part gps, but part smartphone wannabe without the ability to make calls. it was kind of an evolutionary dead end in terms of gadgets, but it was just $80 so we couldn't resist. unfortunately, we never really used it as a gps because of its tiny 3.5" screen. this new one the 3590LMT has a 5" multitouch screen.