the first shot across the bow of black friday shopping frenzy came when i saw an online ad for a 128GB PNY turbo USB 3.0 flash drive for just $20 at staples (amazon currently has it as $25). i actually saw the ad yesterday but when i clicked on the link it said they were all sold out. but this morning i realized they still had some available in stores, conveniently telling me exactly how many they had in stock. so i paid for it online and went to go pick it up at the harvard square staples moments later around noontime.

i love the design of these PNY USB thumb drives, they have a built-in enclosure so there's no cap to lose. i've been using them since the days of 32GB USB 2.0, and even had one with me in china (which i lost when i connected it to a hotel HDTV and forgot to take it when i left). when i came back i upgraded to a pair of 64GB USB 3.0. and now i have a 128GB USB 3.0. i wonder how big my next thumb drive will be?

i also learned about a new material today: sherpa fleece. it's that sort of thick curly fleece that looks like it was shorn straight off a sheep. i have an old navy hooded sweatshirt that has sherpa-lining and i've been meaning to replace it because it's fading and tattering. i haven't tossed it yet because despite physical appearance, it's a very warm hoodie. so after finally learning what it's called (previously i was searching for "thick fleece" which is not really the same thing) i went looking online for a replacement. i did not find one however.

ana was awake up that point, having left the house briefly earlier to buy cigarettes (she had to do without yesterday since most places were closed). i knew she'd be leaving soon to go pick her father up at the airport at 1pm.

i rode the fuji bike down to harvard square. for some reason i look the most circuitous route, via martin-avon-shepard-garden-concord-mason-brattle-ash-mt.auburn. it was also an unusually warm day, temperature in the 60's, a great day to be outside. pick up was easy, i didn't even need the printout, just had to show the clerk my id. coming back i was far more sensible, cutting straight across harvard square, through the science building courtyard. ana was gone by the time i got back.

after a shower and a tea egg for lunch, i packed up my things and decided to take the motorcycle. the white-haired old lady from across the street was raking leaves in front of her house. when i got to my bike, and came up to me and asked if i wouldn't mind parking the bike in a smaller spot, instead of taking up a whole car spot. i told her i did this for strategic reasons, since whenever i park in a small spot, cars end up hitting the bike when they either come in to park or leave. it's not like she doesn't know this, and i've been parking like this for a few years now, and only now she's speaking up. besides, i told her, i put the bike away in storage for the winter, so her complaint was for naught since in a few more weeks i won't matter (or as soon as it begins to snow).

my sister was home when i arrived in belmont. before i could come in the house, my mother came out and asked me if i wanted to go with them for a walk at the winchester fells. there's not much to see in late november naturing, but i welcomed the opportunity to get out, since i've done virtually zero naturing of my own this year. i didn't have my camera bag but all i needed was just my camera and the 18-200mm lens. my sister took a windy back roads way instead of pleasant street (she said due to ongoing construction), and i got a little motion sick sitting the back with hailey.

when we arrived around 2:20pm there was about 2 dozen cars parked outside the entrance (it's not even one of the main entrances, just a side entrance on a residential street). as we walked into the fells, we kept on seeing people, either coming or going. day hikes seem to be a very popular post-thanksgiving excursion. just as i thought, there wasn't a lot of naturing to be had. the most interesting thing i found was some corydalis plants growing on some rocks, identified through the leaves.

back at the house, my father was outside mowing the lawn (actually more like like mowing the leaves), despite it being nearly dark. i had some leftover turkey rollups for dinner before returning home. ana was out with her family and wouldn't be home until later.