ana did not come home last night. i thought i heard something while i was asleep but it wasn't her. i actually woke up early around 8:30am to chat with sunmeng then i stayed in bed to read a few more chapters of dune, finally getting out of bed by 10am.

i finished my 100 day supply of rhodiola rosea root capsules. when i was in western sichuan i used the raw roots to brew a tea that supposedly helps to alleviate high altitude sickness. i don't know if it worked, because my symptoms definitely weren't as bad as in past trips to kham country. rhodiola rosea is also supposed to be prevent fatigue, increase memory, and boost energy. having tried it for 3 months, i can't really say i've noticed any changes. i can get just as tired compared to when i wasn't taking it. if i ever return to western sichuan though, i'll be sure to take some rhodiola rosea beforehand.

after using the bathroom, after a shower, after a tea egg for breakfast, i left for belmont after noontime via bicycle (cargo bike because i was carrying my grand uncle's exercising equipment that arrived yesterday).

nobody was home, but i helped myself to some cold breakfast sausage (2) on the dining table and some peking raviolis (8) in a pan on the stove. later i went outside and patched up any areas of the house that was missing some paint coverage. while going into the garage a pair of red-breasted nuthatch flew out. i've seen white-breasted nuthatch, don't think i ever saw red-breasted ones before.

my parents returned home sometime in the late afternoon, after visiting my grand uncle at the physical therapy rehab center and later getting some groceries at the mt.auburn star market.

returning to cambridge, i brought back all my pyrex ramekins along with a large lasagna dish for making my annual thanksgiving flan. i wrapped everything up in towels and secured everything in a flat cardboard box tied up with bungie netting. my mother told me my godmother wasn't celebrating thanksgiving with her kids this year, so i didn't have to make a lot of flan this season.

i'd been entrusted with getting the thanksgiving turkey (my parents tried earlier but they only had small birds at star market). i was going to pick it up tomorrow morning, but decided to visit market basket tonight just to get it out of the way. it was still pretty busy there at 8pm. unfortunately, all the large 20+ lbs. birds were gone, only smaller ones. i'll come back tomorrow morning, hopefully they'll have restocked by then.

ana wasn't home tonight, nor was she back at the house while i was out this afternoon. i took a shower and caught up on some shows (ash vs. evil dead, the knick) the rest of the evening.