a yogurt and tea egg for breakfast and i'm ready to go the rest of the day. i quietly surfed the web in the living room. i tried to refill a HBP medication but i sent the prescription a few months ago and it was never refilled because i still had a supply. i ended up having to call my doctor to resolve the issue, hopefully they cleared it up with my pharmacy so i can go pick up my drug tomorrow.

when ana woke up around 11:30a she brought the noise. with her laptop blaring some show, she went to go take a shower (does she watch videos while showering?). afterwards she did a load of laundry. as for me, i found some time to finally collect my watery membrillo and put them into containers. maybe i can eat them as a cranberry substitute for thanksgiving. my christmas cactus are flowering as well. i don't get a lot of flowers, but they do bloom early. when ana went out for groceries in the early afternoon, that was my cue to make a quick exit. i gathered up my things, left a note on the kitchen counter, and took the motorcycle to belmont.

city of cambridge seems to be finally paving parts of huron avenue. of course that made my ride to belmont a real mess, after i could hear the asphalt pellets grinding into my wheels and clattering inside the fenders. it's so much quieter at my parents' place, and with more cable channels to boot. my favorites are the sports channels, and i alternated between ESPN and the NFL network.

my parents' return was followed by my sister, who earlier took hailey to the vet to check up on the dogbite on her hind quarter. the vet gave hailey a rabies shot and prescribed some antibiotics. it didn't seem that bad a few days ago when it happened, but after the vet shaved off a patch of fur to examine the wound, it definitely looked worse. my sister should take hailey back into the woods to confront the original owner of those misbehaving dogs and get him to pay the vet fee which was $300 (fortunately hailey has dog health insurance, which will pay part of the bill).

my father and i ordered some free fabric samples for the three sunroom roller shades. we took another set of measurements - this time exact as possible - and figured out a price. if we went with the folks at the store, it's around $800, but if we buy online and install the shades ourselves, it's around $300. i think we'll probably go with the DIY approach. i just need to call up joe and tell him we won't be using his services. as for the samples, we got some premium solar shade material at various percentage of openness (from 1% to 14%). hopefully they'll come soon so we can make a decision and order the shades.

after i ate some meat buns for dinner, i returned home. i was happy to see my private street parking spot was just where i left it this afternoon. i'll put the cover on it tomorrow in anticipation of the rain we're expected to get thursday evening into friday morning. ana was home, naturally, watching friends in the kitchen with a bottle of red wine. we chatted briefly. as much as i hate that she does a million things that i find all annoying, we have good chats. i like the human interaction.

i noticed something weird happening to the heat in the house: it wasn't as warm as usual. it had nothing to do with the outside temperature, which was hovering in the 40's. my nest thermostat is set to 68° but normally my separate digital thermometer reads a nighttime temperature of 70°, but tonight it was a few degrees shy of normal. however, the thermostat was still reading 68°. i checked the updates and sure enough, the thermostat was updated within the past 24-48 hours, to nest OS 5.1.3rc1. i noticed something was off because the interface was slightly different than i remembered it. i went online to check the new features and apparently this update has a new heating algorithm (v2.0) that's supposed to save me a little bit more energy with possibly more accurate temperature measurements. it's not too bad, but i'm so obsessed with the heat, i can feel subtle changes of even a few degrees.