i slept late again, all the way until 10:30am this morning. it wasn't anything i couldn't do but i still felt a bit guilty afterwards. i actually heard the clink of the espresso machine, that's what woke me up. while i was heading to my parents' place, ana was going out to her brother's house. even though it meant giving up a choice parking spot, i decided to take the motorcycle, because i haven't rode it in a while, and it was a cold day and i wanted to make it to my destination as quickly as possible.

i gave my father one of the 2 feet long braided usb cable that arrived on thursday; he said it had a better grip than the usb cable he was previously using, which would slip out all the time (later when i returned home i ordered a few more).

in the afternoon i helped my father reinstall the front porch light. the wind was blowing so strongly it felt awful being outside. afterwards we caulked the edge of the lamp because it didn't sit flush against the shingle since the l-bracket from the wooden awning support bracket was in the way.

i then helped my father order a hospital bed for my grand uncle, who's currently staying at a rehab housing, but is scheduled to return home in a few weeks. the one we got has automatic head and leg elevations, as well as raising or lowering the whole bed.

ana wasn't home when i returned to cambridge after dinner. after a shower i went out briefly to star market to pick up some clementines on sale. when i got back she was home, about to heat a frozen pizza in the oven. this is the first time i've seen her eat anything where she didn't spent hours working on in the kitchen. i should've realized something was up. after a quick shower around 9:30pm, i heard the clonking of her high-heeled boots around the house, then she left to go out at 10pm, said she was going to a party.