ana didn't get out of bed until 1pm in which time she invaded the bathroom and spent over an hour inside with her music blaring. what can she be doing in there that takes that long? grooming? even that i don't believe takes more than an hour. from the sounds i know she's not taking a bath (a long bath i can understand). i'm curious to know but don't want to seem impolite to ask. maybe she's getting dolled out in anticipation of going out tonight. if that's the case i'm all for it, since it means i'll have a few hours of precious peacetime. with her friend carlos gone though, she doesn't have any other places to stay so regardless she'll need to come back to the house to sleep. all i know is in 17 days she's gone.

immediately after she got out of the bathroom (she went in at 12:55pm, got out at 2:06pm), i could hear her in the kitchen frying a bloody steak she had defrosting in the fridge overnight. she is the embodiment of every single pet peeve i could have about a roommate. not only was she fry cooking, but she had the volume of her spanish soap opera blaring loud enough that the neighbors could probably hear it as well. she has a frat bro's diet, heavy in meats and frying (the freezer is loaded with frozen bits of animal flesh).

the house is so quiet when ana's not here. she must realize that i sort of like the tranquility but i don't think she cares or can even see it. afterwards (2:30p) she ran the dishwasher while she went to go take her afternoon nap. the machine contained dirty dishes from all this week. i know this because she has an annoying habit of putting pots and kitchen tools in there after she's done, without any consideration that i may need to use them. i've had to hand wash pots and pans and knives and cutting boards because she's too lazy to do them herself.

i will be so happy when she's gone! but because of her, i have yet another spanish roommate for 3 more weeks! i think alfonso won't be as high demand as ana though. for one thing he's more of a traditional roommate, gone during the day, which is what i like.

surprisingly, ana left the house at 3:30pm, to go back to her language school to return her textbook and to gift some iberian ham to some of her teachers. she told me she'd be back in an hour or hour and a half.

as for me, i never left the house today. for lunch i heated up a pair of pepper beef buns. after drying overnight, i went to check on my membrillo. drier than before, but still a little wet. i sliced a long piece to sample then put the rest back into the oven to bake for another hour to dry it some more. in the afternoon i indulged in some danish blue cheese served on garlic table crackers with a bit of membrillo, it tasted pretty savory. i received a munich postcard from wangyan, but she forgot to sign it. when i asked her about it later via wechat audio, she said it was her first time sending a postcard, so she didn't know all the intricacies. for dinner i reheated the other half of my leftover risotto.

shortly after ana came back from her language school, the terrorist attacks in paris happened. i was watching the breaking news on television, ana came out from her bedroom to ask what was going on after hearing from friends abroad. she went out around 8pm to have dinner with some people. i watched the intermittent breaking news coverage on various network channels, with the death toll climbing upwards of 160+. terrorists seemed to have hit various locations, from streetside cafes and restaurants, to a sports stadium, and finally a concert hall, where they systemically executed concertgoers one by one until the police finally stormed the building. reports say there were 8 terrorists total, all died, 7 dying via suicide vest.

ana came back around 11:30pm. i stayed up until 12:45am, reading a combination of the race underground by doug most, planetfall by emma newman, and finishing with a few chapters of frank herbert's dune. arrakis always put me to sleep after a few pages, but my energy perked up once they reached the cave of ridges and paul atreides had to fight jamis to the death. i finally went to sleep around 2:30am.