not sure when i got up this morning but whenever it was, i still didn't feel like i got enough sleep. i woke up at one point to use the bathroom and noticed a few of my roommate's things, so i knew she returned home late last night after i'd already gone to bed. i figured she'd probably sleep until noon or later, judging by the time she came home.

unwilling to give up my choice parking spot, especially since it looks like rain come tuesday, i decided to bicycle to belmont instead. instead of my slow cargo bike, i decided to take the fuji bike instead. while putting the cargo bike in the basement, i decided to replace my furnace filter. i've been cutting my old 16x20x1 filters down to size (14x20x1). i'm glad i replaced it because the old filter was pretty dirty. not sure how long they last but i'll get some correct-sized filters for next time. next i went to the supermarket to pick up some honeycrisp apples and a bundle of asparagus.

today i'd try something new with the action camera: mounted to the top of my bike helmet shooting a 1 sec/frame time lapse. it seemed like a good idea, since i'm better able to capture what i see from a head mount compared to a bike mount. the problem was doing a time lapse made the video clip seem like a series of unrelated frames occasionally, depending on where i was looking at the time. i also see things from my periphery that can't be captured from a helmet mount. i still think the helmet idea is good, but only for live action videos, not time lapses.

out on the road, i saw my mother driving in the opposite direction, so there was nobody home when i arrived. i pulled out the tray of sandwich wraps from the fridge and ate a few. i went into the garage and finished painting (yellow final acrylic paint to match the house shingles) the "chicken feet" wooden braces my father assembled for our awning installation. i also raked part of the front lawn, but stopped when i couldn't get the optimal lighting condition to shoot a creative timelapse video. my mother had a load of laundry in the basement that she called to ask me to dry for her. finally, i assembled the front porch light my father had brought inside; it will be installed once we've mounted the awning (tomorrow afternoon).

the redskins-patriots game was at 1pm. new england's offense was running on all cylinders early on, but sort of stopped in the later parts of the game. washington's offense had nothing, only managed to kick a field goal the entire game and then scored a touchdown during garbage time. so now the patriots are 8-0, but a part of me feels their record is artificially inflated due to the lack of challenging opponents. 6 games against division rivals, but the bills and dolphins seem like paper tigers. the new-management jets might threaten, but the pats already beat them once.

then the patriots face off against AFC south and NFC east opponents, 8 games total. just so happens those 2 are the weakest divisions in the league. giants are on top in the NFC east, but at 5-4. giants play the patriots next weekend so that'll be interesting. AFC south, nobody has a winning record, and the best team are the colts currently 4-5. that leaves 2 additional games, one against the cowboys, which new england already beat 30-6 (without tony romo), and against the broncos, thanksgiving weekend. of all the teams the patriots face, denver seems like the one that could keep them from a perfect regular season. but the broncos played the colts in the late afternoon game, and indianapolis managed to beat them, finally ending their perfect streak, so denver doesn't seem so invincible now.

my father went to go visit my grand uncle in the hospital after work. after dinner, i made my way home. it was cold, with temperature at 48°, and i borrowed a fleece vest because i only had my hooded sweatshirt. i wore my helmet over my hood to keep warm. it wasn't that bad since i usually warm up after a few minutes of biking, but those initial few minutes are pretty rough.

ana wasn't home when i got back, and the house smelled clean, which meant she didn't cook at all today, or at least nothing fried. i noticed the temperature on the thermostat had been set to 64°, probably something she did this afternoon, trying to stay warm. if only she followed my advice and close her closet door, which is a natural heatsink! she finally came home around 11:30pm.