i had a chance to sleep late but still woke up around 8:30am, after my sister sent me a text alerting me to the fact that my grand uncle was in the hospital for 3-days observation after suffering from an urinary tract infection.

getting up early gave me a chance to work on my membrillo. i went ahead and pureed my 2 containers of quince pulp. easier said than done however, since i drained the pulp so thoroughly there was hardly any liquids left. i first tried the blender, then my small food processor, but the pulp would always clog up the blades. i ended up using just the blender with the cover open, pressing down on the pulp to force contact with the blades. i got to the second container of pulp when i started to smell maybe the blender motor overheating, so i called it a day. less puree, more like a buttery spread. membrillo will have to wait another day (probably tuesday, looks like a rain day).

i decided to take the bicycle to belmont instead of the motorcycle, just to get some exercise. this would also give me a chance to do another action video. i decided to go real time instead of time lapse, figured i could get a good recording of the late season fall foliage. because i was bringing back some popcorn, i decided to take my cargo bike. while i was at it, i stowed ed's gift bike down in the basement. i tried pumping up the front tire but i could hear it hissing, so the tube needs patching (both tires are flat).

a 23 minute travel video takes up 2.7GB. i used the skeleton harness, which can record audio, but there was an annoying rattling sound, maybe the camera bouncing around inside the casing. i'll have to investigate when i get the chance.

i had some korean pancakes for lunch when i arrived in belmont. later my father and i went to go visit my grand uncle at the mt.auburn hospital. he had his own private room, with a view of the charles river. he slept in a fancy hospital bed, with built-in controls for position adjusting and embedded speakers in the side rails. my father fed him some yogurt before we left.

when we came back we colored some front door equipment with black spray paint: the porch light and the house numbers. my father rigged up a rack so we could spray the hanging light parts. my father wanted to install the awning as well, but the wooden posts needed another coat of paint before they can be attached to the house.

while my father returning to the hospital in the evening to check up on my grand uncle, my sister brought home some persian take out. i had sabzi before and i didn't much of it, but that could've been because my sinuses were stuffed up the last time. i was willing to give persian food another try. this time there was more flavor, but i'm still not a convert.