i had a good night sleep, waking up well after 10am, knowing i didn't have to paint today, thursday. it rained off and on all last night, but even that wasn't enough to disturb my slumber. it wasn't a long sleep though, since i went to bed last night at 3am. i got up, used the bathroom, took a shower, then made an english muffin sandwich for breakfast (i used up all my peppered ham, it was starting to go bad).

i was enjoying the late morning, getting ready to eat, watching some price is right (amber was on), when i got a call from my mother telling me that my father was going to go home and do some painting. i didn't think we could paint so soon after the rain stopped (around 9am), but today was unusually warm for some reason (75°), and the sun was out, so maybe it was dry enough. i quickly finished eating and got to belmont before noontime.

today we worked on the southern side of the house, beginning from the back of the garage. i edged with a small stain brush and a foam brush (detail work), while my father quickly edged with a larger brush, then climbed on the roof to caulk some shingles then using a brush and a small roller to paint the 3 roof edge areas. later he edged the front half of the sunroom. he left around 3:30pm to take my mother to her eye doctor appointment. i edged the area around the rear entrance and finally called it a day around 4pm.

i hung around the house, watching some television, surfing the web, setting up my solar-powered LED string lights in raised bed 1 (just enough to circle the perimeter), and checking up on the progress of my green manure seedlings. my sister came home with hailey, and then my parents came back around 5:30, my mother wearing disposable sunglasses because of her dilated pupils.

i quickly returned home to watch the dolphin-patriots game beginning at 8:30pm. unfortunately i left my house keys at my parents' place. so i had to resort to my backup key.

the game was frustrating at first. miami wasn't playing well, but new england couldn't capitalize either, stifled by the dolphin's defense. a touchdown, a safety, a field goal, and finally one more touchdown to end the first half. miami came out swimming in the second half, quickly scoring a touchdown. but the patriots would go on and gain 17 more points while holding off the dolphins to no additional scores. pats win, 7-0.