today was my last day of freedom before my roommate ana returns home. she didn't tell me when but i assumed it'd be in the evening. in the meantime, there was a superhero 5k run happening in central square this morning at 9am. the route changed this year, instead of down and back on mass ave, this time it was an actual loop. i woke up at 8am. the biggest concern was the morning rain. at one point it looked like a significant shower, but by the time i left the house around 9am there was hardly a drizzle. i couldn't remember if they start the race on time, but by the time i arrived at the intersection of trowbridge and mass ave (the closest point of the route to where i live), i was already seeing some runners going by. i quickly dug out the camera from my bag and began taking photos.

coming back from the run, i went to market basket for some groceries. my mother needed scallions, and i ran out of tissue paper. as it was still sort of wet outside, i decided to wait it out until it became drier in the early afternoon before heading to belmont. i also needed to pick up a prescription at 11:30a. enjoying the final hours of solitude, i made myself an english muffin sandwich: egg, peppered ham, pepper jack cheese, and a dollop of leftover quince jelly. it was a complex blend of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. after getting my prescription, i biked down to michael's (it started to drizzle a little bit at that point) to buy a skein of lion's brand landscape yarn for my mother. apparently it's an ac moore because michael's did carry them. instead i picked out a isaac mizrahi yarn, but had to return it because it was already on sale (which meant i couldn't use my 50% off coupon).i ended up picking a red heart boutique treasure yarn that looked just as good, with a higher blend of wool (30%).

football is the centerpiece of my sundays. i quickly raced to belmont via motorcycle (used cooking pot bungie-strapped to the bike seat, filled with jars of quince jelly) to catch the 1pm game between the patriots and the jets. i was late by a few minutes and missed new england's opening drive to score 3 points. without rex ryan's distracting influences, the jets are a more business-like team (kind of reminds me of the patriots), quietly rising up the ranks to being 5-1 so far this season. a win today against the 5-0 patriots would put them on top of the AFC east division. true to what a lot of the football pundits were saying, the game was close. new england wasn't playing well at all, with receivers dropping balls left and right. there were points where i seriously thought today would be the end of the perfect season. but the patriots got some breaks in the second half, and managed to get a 10 point lead which was enough for the win. even then, the jets managed to score a 3 point field goal and managed to get the ball back again through a successful onside kick. it seemed like they were about to stage an brilliant comeback to tie the game but they simply ran out of the time. new england patriots won again, 6-0.

when my father came home from the cafe we tried the quince jelly i made last night. judging from the dark color, i was afraid the jelly would be too solid. but out of the jar, the color and the consistency was perfect, and it tasted pretty good too. a successful jelly outing, even though it did take me 2 days to make it.

i knew ana was home when i rode by the house and saw that her bedroom light was on. it seemed she had just gotten back. after showing her how to turn on the heat, i asked her about her vacation. they only spent a day in washington dc, and another day in niagara falls. a few other days were spent just on traveling. after a week in new york city, they came back to boston, before her spanish friend returned to new york earlier today to catch his flight back to spain. ana told me that her researcher friend still wants to rent the spare bedroom in december, up until the 23rd. the apartment he found for november is actually the apartment he's currently staying at, just that the current occupant will be away for a month, so he's subletting the place. but come december the owner will return and he wants to find a place to stay instead of going back to the couch. i'm fine with it, even though it means i will have had a roommate continuously since september, all spanish. but honestly, their rent is the only income i'm earning this year so it's a devil's bargain.