i took one of the fleece blankets from the guest bedroom (i was in there last night closing the closet door because it's a heat sink) and put it over my comforter. what a difference that makes! no more freezing bed! i went to bed last night around 3am, woke up this morning close to 10am. for lunch i heated up a can of campbell's chunky gumbo soup mixed with some frozen kale.

today was too cold to paint, with daytime temperature in the 40's. to paint, the outdoor temperature has to be 50° or above, and at least for 4 hours so the paint can properly dry. i biked to belmont in the afternoon. my father was at his annua physical, my mother would soon be getting a haircut, my parents briefly came home to drop off hailey, and my sister cut her hand on an automatic can opener at work and went to the emergency room to get stitches.

unable to paint, i was still able to go outside and sample some paint samples my sister had picked out over the weekend, superseding my own selection from thursday. she wants to paint the house in a yellowish green with purple doors. i want the house to remain yellow with basic white doors. because i'm the one who's actually painting, i feel like my personal preference has greater weight. the color she wanted is a benjamin color hue called sweat pear. it looks okay outdoors, but has a greenish tint under artificial light. of course we're painting exterior, so only natural light should be considered.

i took a nap around 5pm, suddenly overcame with tiredness. i woke up around 6pm right when my parents finally returned home. after dinner (pan-fried raviolis) i returned home. before i left, i heard strange squeaking sounds, like maybe from a malfunctioning halloween lawn decoration. if they were birds, what sort of bird makes noises at night? then i heard some rustling and out from a tree i saw two silhouettes flying across the sky. my father caught it too. i immediately thought owls because the shapes seemed to be headless. they perched on the treetop of a neighbor's pine tree. they were large, because even from that distance i could make out their shapes. i went inside to get my green laser. in hindsight a pair of binoculars would've been better. i pointed it at the "owl" which didn't seem to like the attention at all so it flew away. i really hope they were owls, since they eat rabbits.

the heat in my house was already on (since 6pm) when i got back, temperature set to 68° (i forgot to tell the thermostat i was away). it was warm enough in the house that i spent the rest of the evening in my underwear.