my bus to new york city wasn't until noontime so i had some time to kill this morning. first i had to pack. into my backpack went: one spare pair of underwear, thermal wool underwear, a spare t-shirt, a spare pair of socks, canon 60D with 18-200mm lens, 60mm macro lens, 10-22mm wide-angle lens, fuji 3D camera, SJCAM SJ4000 with a few attachments, selfie stick, assortment of camera batteries, phone charging plugs and cables, bag of trail mix, 2 cliff bars, bag of toiletries, contigo insulated mug, and a quick-dry towel. there was nothing to eat in the house so i went across the street to the supermarket looking for something readymade. i ended up getting a buffalo chicken wrap for $5. i brought it back home to eat, along with an asian pear. i finally left for south station by 11am.

i wore my windbreaking ll bean jacket over a hooded sweatshirt, along with my black long-sleeved uniqlo pullover and a t-shirt under that. i purchased my ticket at the lucky star bus counter, $30 the going rate for a one way trip to NYC on a friday. i used the bathroom before i got in line. the bus wasn't to capacity, maybe about 40% full, so everyone could get two seats if they wanted. i texted john to let him know i was enroute. not sure when, but i eventually i fell asleep.

i'd planned on arriving in manhattan around 4pm. john told me on fridays it's happy hours in his office beginning at 4pm and i could check out his new workplace while enjoying some free booze and food. all was going according to schedule until we hit stamford, then the traffic jam started. i didn't arrive at the manhattan chinatown until 5:20pm. from there i walked a few blocks to take the subway from grand street up to time square.

when john told me his office was in time square, i didn't think it was next to time square. i fought my way through the crush of tourists and hawkers and arrived the yahoo building, where john had his office. i called so he could come down and let me in. upstairs, it seemed to be 80's karaoke night. most of the employees had already left for the weekend, just a few stragglers still crooning away. if i wasn't so hungry and groggy from my 5+ hours trip, i would've gladly joined in. i nursed a raspberry woodchuck hard cider while john gave me a quick tour of his office. though the space was impressive, i was more interested in all the leftover office food just casually dotting tables and countertops. before we left i knew i had to eat something so i grabbed a salmon wrap followed by a ham wrap. i would've happily kept on eating but it was time to go.

i followed john to the nearest subway station where we could grab the F train to brooklyn. we got back to his house a little bit late, the nanny leaving soon afterwards, but not before warning me to keep an eye out for john's safety while we were hiking. deanna wasn't home yet. john had warned me earlier, but will entertained us with his michael jackson dancing while john streamed a repertoire of MJ's greatest hits from the bluetooth speaker. leo kept coming up to me and demanding to be picked up.

when deanna finally came home, i took the opportunity to go out briefly to get something to eat. that something was giardini the corner pizza shop. 2 slices of pepperoni/sausage brooklyn-style pizza with a soft drink was $10! i sat down at a table facing a ceiling-mounted television broadcasting a world series playoff game. i didn't care about either team, but i watched intently as i powered myself back up with some hot and greasy pizza. afterwards i returned to john's place, soda bottle still in hand, like a wino.

i went out with john when he went to go retrieve his car, which seemed to be parked very far away. on the way back we stopped by a rite aid to get some bottled water for tomorrow. john set up his coffee maker to make a morning brew before he went to bed. i slept downstairs on the sofa. we were leaving tomorrow morning at 6am, so i was prepared to wake up at 5am to get ready. i posted some photos onto my qq zone before going to sleep around midnight, my devices charging overnight.