i was planning on getting up early (8:30a) to catch the ocktoberfest 5k run that was passing through the edge of harvard square. but it was another cold morning and was just too tempting to just warm in bed and sleep. i didn't wake up until 11am. almost like i was atoning for my late start, before i even had a chance to go use the bathroom, i was out on the backyard deck staining the railing with australian timber oil.

i didn't make it to belmont until around 2pm, the honda element stuffed with 2 ladders and a bicycle (which i got from the cafe). i was going to bring back the pressure washer as well but found a few spots on the backyard porch that still needed some cleaning. i did bring my jar of sichuan paocai, sitting in my kitchen since spring. it hasn't gone bad because i haven't opened the jar since i first bottled it.

i replaced my mother's bike seat with the new one i bought. after i finished i asked her to try it out. didn't take this into consideration, but with all the additional padding, the saddle is actually at least an inch thick than the old seat. i ended up doing some readjusting, lowering the seat post by a quarter inch (can't get any less than that) and tilted the seat up so my mother didn't look like she was falling off when riding it. my mother tried the bike again, it was better, but she said it will take some time to get used to the higher seat.

for some lunch i had some leftover oil rice and some slow-cooked beef roast my sister had made that my mother was raving about how good it was. later i helped my mother take some photos of her knit hats before she takes them to the cafe to sell, now that the weather is turning cold.

after dinner i rode my bike home (i locked it up at my parents' place last night). it was chilly but i warmed up after a few minutes. my backpack was so heavy, it felt like i didn't have any energy peddling home, but eventually i made it. while i was in the bathroom ana came out. after i showered, i came out and saw that she'd brought her friend carlos, the spanish guy living in the park street apartment suite. he left soon afterwards, just wanted to see the place. ana went to sleep soon afterwards after well, having already ate sushi for dinner earlier.