i finally took down my window AC unit and put in the basement. i don't expect the weather to get hot anytime soon.

i arrived in belmont by 11:30a via motorcycle. temperature was in the mid-60's, i wore a light jacket to keep warm although it was unnecessary in the bright sun. there was nobody home, so i took the opportunity to do some vacuuming, starting with the sunroom and working my way to the living room. i'd vacuum everyday if i had a dyson at my place! especially now that i realize how much dust can accumulate in a carpet that hasn't been properly vacuumed in years.

i stopped at noontime to watch the news. baby bella's drug-addicted prostitute mother and live-in boyfriend were in court today getting arraigned. that whole entire family, including the biological father (who's suddenly interested in his dead daughter despite never actually having met her) and godmother, is bad news. it's a terrible thing to say, but that baby dying young was a better thing than having to grow up in that environment.

i was heating up a leftover blue cheese burger when my mother came home. we ended up having a few more leftovers, including taiwanese sausages and st.louis ribs. i peeled another cactus pear and finished the rest of the tiger stripe figs.

i'd planned on going to home depot to get a can paint thinner and some small rollers, but my mother convinced me to get it tomorrow morning when my father was home. instead i went outside and patched some nail holes around the window frames with wood filler.

i took a short nap between 4:30 to 6p, waking up to some salt fish fried rice for dinner. i returned to cambridge after 7p.

i watched the season premiere of gotham. i stopped watching the last few episodes of the first season because it got really convoluted and i hated fish mooney. this second season looks more promising. i don't know why barbara kean is in arkham asylum (and even more confused as to why it's a co-ed prison for the criminally insane), but the addition of jessica lucas means i'll be watching every monday night. i also watched minority report followed by blindspot. i'd seen a bit of both already via online leaked pilots. blindspot looks interesting but the first episode was kind of boring. minority report is worth considering given the lack of scifi series on network television. in between i'd also check out the monday night football game between the jets and colts streaming on ESPN.

it took a week, but my replacement credit card finally came today. first thing i did after activating the card was to update some of my auto-payments.